November 24, 2012

The Zone (Fiction) - Chapter 5

I apologize that I have not posted anything lately.  I find myself moving once again to a new city and I have not had time to have as much fun as I am accustomed to, or write any of it down.  I have had some fun encounters and I will post them shortly, but in the meantime I wrote  a new chapter in a story that some of you apparently like.  I hope you like this additional chapter.  Ciao.


It had been only a few minutes since Martin had left the room.  I had remained in place, sitting on the edge of the bed, not knowing what to do.  Martin had indicated that some guy named Maldito had arrived and wanted to see Arturo.  I had no idea who this ‘Maldito’ was but clearly Arturo did and it had him concerned. 

He had gotten up from the bed and started to pace the room slowly, his head down, looking at the floor with a worried expression locked in place.  A few minutes earlier he had appeared to be somewhat out of it due to whatever it was he was snorting up his nose.  He was now much more focused, although I could see in his half-closed eyes that he was still feeling the effects of the drugs.  As if coming out of a dream Arturo suddenly looked up and saw himself in one of the many mirrors, shook his head, realizing that he was still naked, and walked to where he has tossed his jeans and started to put them on.  He had just put his second foot through his jean leg and was pulling them up to his waist when the door opened.

Into the room walked the biggest man I have ever seen in my life.  As he walked in I couldn’t help notice that the top of his head cleared the doorframe by mere inches.  I also noticed that he was not only tall, but wide as well; his shoulders appeared to come close to brushing the sides of the doorway.  He was dressed in a dark blue, pinstripe, two-piece suit, with a red floral pattern tie.  I had been to my father’s office many times and I knew an expensive suit when I saw one; this man was dressed to kill.  His shoes were black and shined to the point where the single light bulb in the room glared off their tips.  He was wearing dark sunglasses and as he walked in the room he slowly pulled them off with his right hand, folded them, pulled his jacket open, and slid them into the inside suit pocket. 

The Man who knew how to make an entrance.

He only walked a few feet into the room when he stopped and said, “Check the room.”

I then saw movement and behind him came two smaller men who proceeded to enter the room.  By smaller it was only in comparison to The Man who had just entered before them.  They were each easily over 6’2” and as thick as tree trunks.  One man went to the left, and the other to the right, as they slowly walked around the room.  One checked the desk as the other leaned down on one knee and looked under the bed.  As the man leaned down his jacket opened slightly and I could clearly see a gun that was holstered on his belt.  I had been around hunting guns growing up, but I had never seen a gun like this.  All I could see was that it looked powerful and had something screwed on the end.  I wondered if it was some type of silencer like I saw at the movies.  I looked at the other man and I assumed he had a similar gun as well. 

I watched silently as one of the men went to where I had put my clothes and proceeded to look through the pockets.  The other went over to where Arturo had finished putting on his jeans and proceeded to pat him down the same way a cop would pat down a criminal.  I evidently posed no threat as they ignored me completely.  Still, I found my hands moving over my crotch in a meager attempt to pretend as if I was not sitting on the bed completely naked.  I would normally have felt horribly embarrassed sitting naked in a room with three fully dressed men, but the whole day had been so bizarre to begin with that I was beyond the embarrassment stage and was now entering pure bewilderment.

When they were done searching the room they walked back to where The Man was still standing. With his glasses now off I could see that he was Latino, had a trimmed and neat goatee, and looked to be in his early 40’s but I couldn’t be certain as his skin was smooth and had few wrinkles.

Without saying anything they both nodded their heads in unison at The Man in what I sensed was some type of silent ‘all clear’ message.

His eyes not turning to look at either men The Man simply said, “Leave.”  The two men again walked around the man - one to the right, the other to the left – and exited the room.  With what little I saw of the two as they searched the room I did not doubt that they were very well trained bodyguards, although to what extent I did not know. 

The second man to leave began to close the door and hesitated for a second as The Man gave a final instruction.

“Watch the door, do not let anyone in, and do not interrupt me.” 

With that the door closed and it was now just the three of us alone in the room.

I looked over at Arturo who was slowly connecting the remaining buttons on the front of his jeans.  He was looking down as if he did not want to acknowledge The Man who was now towering in the room over us.

Looking at Arturo the man said, “Hola, Arturo.”

“Hola,” Arturo replied, still looking down.

“Hola?” The Man asked, with puzzlement in his voice.  “Is that all you have to say to me?  Just hola?”

The Man then walked slowly over to where Arturo stood.  With his right hand he reached out and lightly grabbed Arturo’s lowered chin and raised it so that he could look directly into his eyes. 

“Arturo, I have told you many times how I want you to address me.  Have you forgotten already or are you just being disrespectful?”


“No, what?”

“No, Tio.”

A smile slowly stretched across his face as he reached out and grabbed Arturo’s shoulders with his huge hands; holding Arturo out as if he was being inspected.  “Ah, that is much better.  Your father would be very upset if he knew his son did not show respect to family.”  He then pulled Arturo’s half-bare body into his own and proceeded to squeeze him tightly into the biggest bear hug I have ever seen.

I watched silently as the two men embraced, or more accurately The Man was embracing Arturo as Arturo’s arms had remained at his side.  I saw that the top of Arturo’s head was no higher than The Man’s chest.  Earlier I had the chance to see Arturo from head to toe and he clearly could hold his own with any normal sized man.  Arturo’s body was ripped with natural muscle and he was not short by any means.  I was no shrimp myself, but looking at the two together amplified just how huge The Man was.  Although Arturo’s arms remained at his side I knew that he would not be able to reach completely around The Man if he had tried to hug him back.

After several seconds The Man released Arturo momentarily only to turn him around and pull him against him once again, his right arm now draped around Arturo’s bare chest.

The Man bent his head downward and continued his conversation with Arturo.

“It has been a long time since I have seen you, Chico.  I have missed you so much but you do not look very happy to see me.  Do you think your uncle would not notice such things?” 

Looking around the room again and settling his eyes on the desk where the mirror still lay he continued.  “Maybe it is that stuff that you put up your nose.  You know I do not approve of such things.  They are for cabrones and not for family.” 

I could see the beginning signs of anger cross his face:  lips tightened, eyes becoming focused on nothing, but intense none the less, when suddenly he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and slowly leaned his head forward… and kissed Arturo’s head lightly.  In a tender and gentle voice that sounded foreign coming from such a man.

“It saddens me that you are not happy to see me.  Have you not missed me at all?”

Although I was only a few feet away from where they stood I could barely hear Arturo as he whispered, “I have missed you, Tio Maldito.”

So this was Maldito, and he was Arturo’s uncle?  I didn’t want to show the surprise on my face, so I sat there and said nothing.  I did wonder why his uncle had called him Arturo and Chico, and I assumed it was some type of nickname. 

As I continued to absorb the reality of what I just heard, Maldito remained still, not moving his head, still pressed against Arturo’s.  His eyes were closed and the expression on his face was as close to real sadness as any that I had seen.  Here was a towering man, who from his entrance and his seriousness tone with his two henchmen, I imagined did not show his emotions often.  Yet here he was holding Arturo in such an intimate manner that I felt even more uncomfortable sitting naked in their presence, if that was at all possible.

“Have you forgotten all that I have done for you, Chico, since your father left us?  You and your mother had no one, but I was there for the both of you and I took care of you when you were just a boy.”  As he said these words his arm that held Arturo’s chest began to caress it lightly.  “And please do not call me Maldito.  You know that name is only for those with whom I do business.  It is a name I am not proud of, but need for those who must understand that they dare not cross me.  For you Chico, I am simply… Tio.”

“Si, Tio,” Arturo replied, his Spanish coming out in pieces.  “I will never forget what you have done for mother and myself.  I just wish you did not see me like this.  I am not proud of what I have done.  I thought I was smart but I was stupid.  I wanted to be like you, but I made mistakes and I feared you would no longer have anything to do with me.”

“Oh, Chico, I will always be here for you.  You are family and nothing comes between families.  You should know that by now.”  Maldito looked up and around the room and the surroundings.  “However, I must confess I do not approve of what the Negritos have asked of you.  I will speak to them tonight, but they have told me what you had done so I cannot demand that they stop this, as it was not of my making.  I wish you had come to me earlier and told me of your plans as I would have told you to not get involved and to go back home to your mother.  But you are no longer a boy, but a man and your mistakes are your own.  One day maybe you will look back on this and it will make you stronger.  Only time will tell.”

As Maldito spoke I could see a look of shame fall across Arturo’s face.  His eyes still appeared dimmed by the drugs he had been taking and it looked as if he was close to tears, but he managed to hold them back. 

“I really have missed you, Tio.  I wanted to see you so bad, but I was just too ashamed.”  Arturo reached up and with both of his hands he grabbed Maldito’s arm that was wrapped tightly across his chest.  “I love you, Tio.”  With that the tears did start to flow and his body became limp, but remained tightly held in place by the strong and huge armed now holding him up.

“Compose yourself, Chico.  Everything will be fine eventually.  Plus, you are here with me now and I have wanted to see you for such a long time.  I want to enjoy this time together, so no more tears.”

Arturo was taking deep breaths, and appeared relieved for the first time since Maldito entered the room.  Maldito once again was standing up tall, still holding Arturo against him, and was once again looking around the room and to my horror his eyes came to focus directly on my own.

“And who are you, may I ask?” he said in a tone that although was calm was at the same time terrifying.

“Adam,” I said.

“No, that is not your name,” he replied, still staring at me intently.  “I will ask you again.  What is your name?”

Confused, and not understanding, I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out.

“I will tell you what your name is, as you appear to be confused.  Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I replied, still not understanding.

“Your name is No One.  I repeat.  Your name is No One. Let me hear you say your name now so that I know you understand.”

 “My name is No One,” I replied, hesitantly. 

“And where are you now?” he asked?

Again I hesitated to answer, not understanding.

“You are nowhere. Do you understand?  Your name is No One and you are nowhere.  For the rest of your life if anyone asks about anything that you see today you will say nothing because you are No One and you are nowhere and because of that you know nothing.  If, after I leave today, I hear the name Adam, I will know that you have forgotten the name I have given you, and if you have forgotten your new name you may have also forgotten where you were today, and if that is the case then I promise you I will find you and you will wish that you had not forgotten what I have told you.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”  And I did understand. 

“Arturo, is No One a friend of yours?” asked Maldito.

“Yes, Tio, he is a friend.  I will make sure he remembers what you have told him.”

Again, Maldito looked at me.  “Now that we understand each other I want you to get up and go sit in the corner on the floor.  I do not want to hear a word from you.  You will sit there and remember your name and remember where you are and I will forget that you are here. And I expect you to do the same.  Now, go sit.”

I didn’t hesitate and quickly stood up and went to the corner of the room closest to the door and sat down, crossing my legs and resting my back against the wall.  Because the bed was in the middle of the room with mirrors on most of the walls, I could see Maldito and Arturo multiple times from almost every angle.  Oddly I felt as if I wasn’t even in the room, but instead was watching what was happening as if I was having a strange out of body experience.  I’m not sure if it was the way that Maldito made it clear that I could never discuss what was happening, or whether I was just still in shock as to what I had just witnessed; but I found myself watching the two of them as if I were nothing more than a camera lens focused on the two men standing before me.

Maldito had once again focused his attention on Arturo and as I watched he bent down and still holding his arm across Arturo’s chest he bent down and kissed Arturo’s neck lightly, pulling back just a few inches and whispering into his ear, “Do you remember many years ago, when I would pick you up and take you back to the casita on the beach and it would be just you and I?  You were not yet changed into a man, but you still wanted to be close to your Tio.  Do you remember those days?”

“Yes, Tio, I remember,” Arturo replied, still running his hands up and down his uncle’s arm.  “I was so proud that you would want to spend time with me.  It was just you and me and I felt so special.”

“I could never replace your father Arturo, but I do try very hard to love you as much as I know he loved you.  You look so much like him.  It hurts me sometimes to look at you as it does remind me of the pain of losing my brother.  But then I am happy that you are still here, with me, and I hope you love me as you would have loved your father if he were still with us. 

“I do love you, Tio.  I was so afraid you would not want anything to do with me.”  Arturo gently pulled himself away from his uncle and turned to face him.  “I remember the casita and how you would let me help you take off your tie, and your jacket, and…” Arturo’s voice trailed off thinking of things that I could only imagine.

“Do you want to go back to that time, years ago, Chico?”

“Yes, I want to Tio.  I just want to know you truly forgive me for what I have done.”

“I had already forgiven you Chico.  Know that.  I was hoping we could spend some special time today and it would not be just business with the Negritos.  No one will come in the door.  I promise you, Chico that we will be left alone.  You will be safe with me here.”

As I sat silently I was mesmerized by what I was hearing.  Just a few hours earlier I had met this Latino kid wearing baggy jeans and a wife beater shirt, who had a tough exterior personality to match.  Watching him now though I no longer saw the tough, hard edged young man, but a kid who appeared almost childlike in the presence of this huge man who apparently was his uncle.

I watched as Arturo walked behind his uncle, again noticing how huge the man was, and as Arturo came behind he reached up, his hands barely able to reach, and began to pull the jacket off the his uncle’s immense shoulders.  The jacket slid down his arms, and with the jacket now in his arms Arturo carefully folded it in half and walked over to the desk and laid the jacket on the desk.  He then walked back to his uncle, and now standing in front of him, he reached up and gently started to disassemble the man’s tie until the knot came undone and Arturo was able to pull it off completely.  Again he walked over to the desk where he carefully folded the tie and set it down on the desk. 

“You do remember, even though it has been many years, Chico,” said Maldito.  “But back then I had to get down on my knees so you could reach my neck.  You were so much smaller back then.  But now look at you.  You are a man and I no longer need to bend down for you.  I am so glad that I came here today Arturo to see the man you have grown into.”

Arturo reached up to unbutton his uncle’s collar.  “I dreamed about you, Tio for many nights.  I thought I would never get to see you again.” 

He continued to pull apart the buttons of the dress shirt and as he did so I was able to see the first glimpses of Maldito’s neck, which appeared to be the same light caramel color as that of Arturo’s.  Arturo began to pull the end of the dress shirt out of his uncle waist so he could undo the remaining buttons.  When he finished with the last button Arturo reached first to his uncle’s right wrist, and then to the left, removing the cufflinks.  I could not be certain but the cufflinks looked to be real onyx and silver.  Although a huge man, he was apparently someone who was just as big on style.

Arturo then reached up, and with both hands he slowly pulled the shirt off his uncle’s body.  Although I tried to remain as motionless as possible I could not help that my eyes widened at what I saw. 

With his shirt now off, Arturo walked over, folded it carefully, and set it on the desk.  I barely noticed Arturo walk to the desk as I was hypnotized by what I saw.  As I expected his muscles were huge but not in the grotesque way that I often saw on bodybuilders.  Instead, Maldito’s body was thick with muscle, but it was not ripped and cut with veins pushing out from the skin.  Instead the muscles were solid, smooth, and did not give the impression of someone who went to the gym out of vanity, but instead of someone who epitomized pure strength and true masculinity.  His biceps were the size of my legs and his stomach, although not a six-pack by any means, was still flat and solid and no doubt I could walk across them and he would most likely not even notice.

But what caught my attention even more than his massive and hypnotizing physique was that his chest, arms, stomach and back were completely covered in tattoos.  With the exception of his hands, neck, and head, there was not an inch of his upper body that did not have a tattoo carved into his skin.  When he had been dressed you could not see any tattoos, but now that he no longer had a shirt it was like the suited and huge businessman had been replaced with this muscled and tattooed gangster god.  If it had been an earlier era, he no doubt would have left an impression that over time would have turned his existence into one that would feed the myths that at a time gods did in fact walk the earth.

I could barely make out the details of the tattoos but of what I could see were multiple crosses, naked women, dragons, and what I thought at first was the US flag, but noticed there was only one star.  I quickly thought to where I had seen such a flag before. It was on a trip I had taken years earlier to San Juan and I remembered that it was the flag of Puerto Rico.  There were no doubt gang signs also, but I would not have known what they were.  I had seen men before who were covered in tattoos but none of them came close to pulling off what Manito achieved; which was giving an impression that no one would ever forget.  Combined with his huge size, and his tattooed torso, anyone who met Maldito would no doubt never forget the time and place they met such an incredible beast of a man. 

With his shirt now removed Arturo began to lightly rub his hands over his uncle’s chest, appearing to trace some of the tattoos with his fingers.  I watched as his right hand settled on a very detailed picture of a man’s face that was drawn on Maldito’s chest.  Arturo brushed his fingers over the man’s face and a look of sadness came across his face.

“As I told you Arturo, your father will be with me always, as will you one day.” 

Arturo leaned forward, and having to push off slightly with his toes to get the necessary height, he brought his lips to his uncle’s chest and kissed the tattooed image of the man. 

He then pulled back from his uncle, brought his feet back to the ground, and then slowly he bent at the knees until he was kneeling before his uncle.  He reached up again, this time to his uncle’s buckle, and began to pull at the leather.

Maldito reached down and gently grabbed Arturo’s hand. “Chico, if you continue you must understand that you are no longer a boy, but a man and I will treat you as such.  I will not make you do anything you do not want… if you stop now.  I will take care of the business and leave, and trust me when I say that I will not be mad at you.  But know if you do continue, I will expect you to obey me and do what I say, from this point forward.  I cannot guarantee that I will be able to stop myself once we begin.”

With his smaller hand still held by his uncle’s massive paw, Arturo looked up at his uncle and said, “I have dreamed about this for a long time, Tio.  I want your love so much that I will do anything for you.  I have worried for so long that I would never see you again, that you had forgotten me.  But here you are.  I cannot risk losing you again.  I want you to stay.  I will not disappoint you.”  He then bent forward and rested his forehead on the fabric of his uncle’s slacks.  Pulling back and looking upwards again he said, “I will not break, Tio.  I will be strong for you and I will make you proud of me, I promise.”  He then brought his head forward again and pressed his cheek against his uncle’s legs.

Maldito looked down at his nephew and said nothing for several seconds.  “I hope you do make me proud Chico.  Now show me what these Negritos have taught you since we have last seen each other.”

“Sit down uncle so that I can take off your shoes and undress you fully.”

Maldito walked to where I had just been sitting and sat on the bed.  His weight crushed the mattress and it let out a loud squeak of submission.  Arturo stood and then standing before his uncle he began to once again remove his jeans.  He quickly unbuttoned them and let them slide down to his ankles and stepped out of them.  He was now standing fully nude, and fully hard, once again, but this time in front of his uncle who was now half undressed himself.  He then slowly turned around, showing his uncle his naked body from all angles, until he faced his uncle once again.

“They have taught you much, I see.”

“Yes, Tio.”

He stood only a few seconds before getting on his knees and began to untie his uncle’s shoes, pulling them off one-by-one and then doing the same with his socks.  He then reached up and again started to undo his uncle’s belt.  With the belt undone, Arturo unclasped the hinge of his uncle’s slacks, grabbed the zipper, and pulled it down.  With his slacks now undone Arturo reached down and pulled on the pant legs.  Maldito helped by pressing his hands to his sides and lifting his weight off the bed allowing the slacks to be pulled off completely.  Once again Arturo carefully folded the slacks, and getting up walked over set them on the desk.

Not surprisingly, I thought, Maldito was wearing boxers that ran halfway down his thighs and I briefly wondered where a man would buy boxers that were this huge as my own would no doubt even fit on one of his legs.  As Arturo returned to the bed Maldito stood up and Arturo once again went down to his knees.  When he stood up I thought I had seen some movement in his boxers, but surprisingly I did not see anything poking up from the cloth. 

Even sitting up on his knees Arturo had to reach up with his arms to get his fingers around the edges of his uncle’s boxers, and with his head at the level of his uncle’s thighs he began to pull down the boxers. 

From my angle in the corner I could see directly in between the two as Arturo’s hands pulled the boxers down to the point where I first saw Maldito’s jet black pubes.  He continued pulling downward and I saw the first glimpse of the base of his cock.  Even from my distance I could see the thickness of Maldito’s cock was thicker than my wrist.  As Arturo continued to pull down the boxers more, and more of his uncle’s cock was exposed, the thickness of his cock did not diminish, and if anything it looked to be thicker in the middle.  Arturo had his uncle’s boxers down far enough where I could now clearly see his entire huge bubble ass, but still his cock had not yet come completely free.  Finally, with the boxers how almost halfway down his thighs, the head of Maldito’s cock finally came into view.  Arturo then quickly pulled the boxers down to the floor where Maldito quickly stepped out of them.

I was already transfixed at the length and thickness of Maldito’s cock before I even saw the head.  As expected he was uncut, but instead of his cockhead thinning at the end, it instead exploded in size.  When I toyed around with some of the websites men used to hook up I often found guys who would describe their cock as having a ‘mushroom’ head.  When they posted pictures, what I found more often than not was that men used this description to make up for the size of their cock in other areas.  I saw pictures of small cocks where the head was bigger, but by no means would anyone describe the cock as ‘big’ or ‘huge’.  This was not the case today.  What I saw hanging from Maldito’s waist was not only the biggest cock I had ever seen, it was the biggest head on a cock I had ever seen.   I doubted he would ever think of describing his cock as having a mushroom head, or if he did describe the size he would describe it in the way that I thought more fitting, which was that it was the size of my fist. 

As I sat there in a trance-like state I watched as Arturo reached up and with both his hands he grabbed his uncle’s cock.  Even with both his hands clasped on the massive thing hanging between his uncle’s thighs, I noticed that still more than half of the cock was exposed.  It was only then when I realized that his cock was still not hard.

“Did you remember how much you liked to play with it when you were younger?” asked Maldito.

“I remember.  You let me touch it like I’m doing now.”

“Does it anger you now knowing what we did years ago?

“No, Tio.  I remember feeling special that we could be so close and that it was our secret.”

“We just lay on the bed together and I let you explore and play.  I did not do anything else but sit back and watch and you laughed at how much bigger I was than you.  Your body and your mind were not ready for anything more.”

“I’m ready for more now, Tio.  I want more.  I’ve thought about it for so long and there has been no one like you, no one even close.”

“I believe you, Chico.  I know more about what you have been doing than you know.  I have always kept an eye on what you were doing.  As I told you earlier, I do not like what you have been doing lately but maybe in some way it has prepared you for today.  I am looking at you now and I no longer see the little boy who liked to nap at my side in the afternoon.  I see a young man that has filled out nicely.  You will of course never be as big as your Tio, but very few men are.”

As Maldito finished talking Arturo’s hands kept rubbing the huge cock that was hanging in front of him.  He reached forward with his mouth and brought the head of his uncle’s cock to his mouth.  There was no chance that the cock would fit in his mouth, or anyone else for that matter.  It was simply too big.  But still Arturo kissed it and eventually brought out his tongue and licked at the sides.  The foreskin was still wrapped around the head of his cock and as I watched Arturo opened his mouth wide and sucked in a mouthful of the dark brown skin.  I had seen porn where a man would suck a guy’s balls into his mouth and this looked very similar, but instead of balls filling and bulging inside Arturo’s cheeks, it was just the foreskin of his uncle’s massive cock.

Arturo continued to suck and munch on the hefty skin that was wrapped around Maldito’s still hidden cockhead.  After just about a minute Maldito reached down, grabbed Arturo under his arms, and as if he didn’t weigh an ounce, pulled Arturo off his knees and set him back onto his feet. 

“Although that feels good, Chico, and I do love to look down at you as you do it, I do not enjoy my cock sucked.  I learned years before I hit puberty that I was both blessed and cursed and that I would never feel the warmth of a mouth taking all of me in.  So instead come lay with me on the bed, will you?”

Maldito then walked to the side of the bed, laying down on his side, and moving to the center of the bed.  His feet hung off the edge of the bed by more than a foot.  “Come sit on my stomach like you did many years ago.”

Arturo climbed on the bed, and lifting one leg he stretched his knees and thighs wide as he straddled his uncle.  As he climbed on top his uncle I continued to watch from the corner, still able to see everything that was now taking place on the bed and not in front of it.

Arturo was straddling his uncle’s body so that his face was directly above his uncle’s.  Once again I found myself in awe as I saw the size difference between the two.  In order to have his head level with his uncle Arturo was so far up on his body that I could clearly his uncle’s his belly button directly behind Arturo’s ass.  I also noticed that although Arturo’s legs were stretched wide his knees did not touch the mattress and in essence his entire weight was resting on his uncle’s upper torso.  As I watched, Arturo put his hands flat on the mattress on both sides of his uncle’s head in what appeared to be an attempt to take some of his weight off his uncle. I doubted his uncle noticed the weight of his nephew on top of him, anymore than a full-grown man would feel the weight of a cat as it napped on his chest.

I looked down and saw that Maldito’s cock was still soft and had fallen sideways against his right thigh.  I wondered if Maldito suffered from what I head other men suffered who also had big dicks, which was that they often had a difficult time getting hard.  When Arturo had been sucking on his foreskin it did not appear to respond to the attention either.  Now, as Arturo straddled him, I saw that his cock was still huge, but still quite soft.

As I watched, Arturo leaned his head forward and carefully put his lips against his uncle’s.  He did it with some hesitation; as if he was concerned his uncle would turn him away.  He had no reason to be concerned though as Maldito reached up and with his right hand he grabbed Arturo’s head from behind and pulled it down to his own, and as I watched his lips wrapped around Arturo’s and smothered them with his own.  The way his uncle kissed him was not as tender as I expected, but Arturo did not seem to mind and began to kiss his uncle with even more enthusiasm.

With his other hand Maldito reached up and began to stroke his nephew’s back, rubbing his hand up and down Arturo’s lean and fit back.  After only kissing for a few seconds I could see Maldito’s body start to move slowly and begin to gyrate.  He removed his hand from the back of Arturo’s head and now with both hands he began caressing Arturo’s back with more gusto.  At first his hands were mostly at Arturo’s shoulders, but slowly Maldito’s hands moved lower and lower until he had grasped both of Arturo’s ass cheeks and began to pull them apart. 

It was then that I noticed that his cock was no longer resting limp on his thigh. 

As I watched Maldito’s cock, I couldn’t help but think of the many times my family had gone to my grandparent’s farm.  They owned a huge house in the country and it included a barn where they raised a few horses that the family would ride for pleasure.  They had a few mares and a gelding but they also kept one stallion for breeding.  I remember walking through the stables one day when they were putting the mares back in the barn after an afternoon ride.  As they walked the horses I happened to notice the stallion and I saw the horse ‘drop’.  What had just been a soft mound of tissue was suddenly this two-foot long massive thing that was jutting and bouncing in all directions.  It was so startling at the time but apparently it was very normal to everyone else and I did not ask what was happening.  As I now sat in the corner, watching as Arturo was kissing his uncle, and his uncle was pulling his nephew’s ass cheeks apart, I saw Maldito’s cock do almost the exact same thing that I had seen the stallion do years earlier.

Without touching it, his cock first rolled off his thigh and then very soon it began to lengthen and stretch and within 30 seconds it was rock hard and pushing up against Arturo’s asshole, which was now very exposed due to his uncle’s hands pulling his cheeks apart.   His cock looked like it was starting to bend, pushing against Arturo’s hole, and as if he had done it hundreds of times before, Maldito reached down with his right hand and quickly lifted his cock so it was no longer poking as Arturo’s ass but instead rest on his lower back. 

I had measured my own cock and I knew that I had 7 solid inches when hard.  What I saw resting on Arturo’s lower back was more than double what I had in length and even more so in thickness.  I had heard that there were men out there that did not do porn, that kept to them, that did not brag about their size, but had cocks that were 15 plus inches.  I never believed they existed.  I thought it was purely the fantasy of men who dreamed of such men.  A week earlier I thought that I had ran into two freakishly huge black men.  However, looking at the smaller frame of Arturo straddling his huge uncle, I knew that the true freak of nature was on that bed and I wondered if Arturo had any idea what he was getting himself into.

Maldito’s body had continued to grind underneath Arturo and his hands had begun to grab Arturo’s ass cheeks harder and harder.  It had started subtle between the two of them but within a few minutes I could tell that the testosterone was flowing heavy between the two.  Not only was Maldito’s body starting to grind harder on the bed, but Arturo had started to gyrate his hips and push them back against the monster cock that he surely could feel rubbing against his back.  Eventually Arturo reached back with one hand and grasped the cock around the head.

“Oh my god Tio, you are so big,” said Arturo, who clearly was surprised as he pulled his head back from his uncle.

“You told me you would not break, and I believed you.  I will not be able to stop myself much longer if we continue.  Are you sure you want what your Tio is offering as much as you say?  I can promise you that you will never forget this day if we continue, and that your life will change in ways you cannot imagine.”

I watched Arturo’s face as he hesitated a few seconds.  I wondered if the thoughts that were going through his mind were the same thoughts I had just a week earlier.  He was definitely getting to the point of no return and I could see his mind racing with both lust and fear.  We had not had the chance to talk about it but I had no doubt that he had also been Martin and Jake’s boy toy, along with who knew how many other guys he had been forced to have sex with.  His earlier ‘straight’ act was clearly in doubt, but the odd relationship between him and his uncle appeared to not be only physical, or at least it was not purely sexual.  I clearly did not understand the complex relationship that they had when Arturo was younger, when he had apparently lost his father.  But as I watched Arturo earlier, as his uncle first entered the room, I saw someone who wanted more than anything to have forgiveness and approval. 

What I saw happening on the bed now though was clearly becoming much more complicated, as both men thought through the consequences of their actions if they proceeded forward. I watched as Arturo struggled with conflicted feelings, and after a few seconds that seemed like minutes, Arturo apparently had come to his decision.

“Make me a man, Tio.  Make me your man.”

With that he again leaned forward, and no longer holding back his feelings, both mental and physical, he proceeded to kiss his uncle with a passion that bordered on frenzy.  I briefly wondered if he still felt the effects of the drugs he had been snorting earlier.  I doubted if they would have left his system so soon.

His uncle also picked up the pace, kissing Arturo in return just as aggressively.

“So you want to be my little man, Chico?  So be it.  I will show you how to be a real man.” 

Suddenly Maldito lifted his right hand and brought it down on Arturo’s ass.  His hand was so big that it easily covered one of Arturo’s ass cheeks completely, and where it landed I saw a red mark begin to surface almost immediately.  I could see the jolt of surprise pulse through Arturo body as Maldito’s hand landed. 

“You have awoken me Chico.  You will not be able to calm me now.”  I saw his hand pull back again and he brought it down hard once again.  “You may have thought you had been taught obedience by these Negritos, but you do not know true obedience.  You will learn this today.”  Again, he brought his hand down on Arturo’s ass and once again I saw Arturo’s body go tense.  “A boy becomes a man only when he has been tested by a better man and has succeeded.  Only then will you know what it is like to be a man in a man’s world.”  Again the hand came down and the sound of the smack made my body wince.  “You may rule others, but only after you have been ruled yourself.  Your obedience will instill the same in others, but you will only learn by giving in to me first.  Do you understand, Chico?”  Again, the hand came down hard on Arturo’s ass, which was now as red as blood.

I watched Arturo as a look of determination came across his face.  He was listening to his uncle and with each smack his eyes would briefly open wide in pain but they would not close.  He continued to look directly into his uncle’s eyes, never turning his gaze away, as his uncle explained his version of how the world worked and how men like him worked within it.

“I will break you Chico, even though you may think you cannot be.  It is because I love you that I will do this.  I will not hold back and you will thank me for it” He paused for a few seconds before continuing.  “If not today… one day.”

Maldito brought both his hands forward, and pressing against Arturo’s chest he pushed his nephew upward so that he was sitting upright.  Maldito stopped grinding his body and reaching to his side he grabbed both of Arturo’s wrists in his own and pulled them tight in front of him. 

“As I look at you now I can’t help but see your father in your eyes.  You look so much like him that it pains me to know what I must do.” 

He then brought his hands together and using just one hand he easily held both of Arturo’s wrists together. 

“I will do to you what I did to him many years ago when he was no older than you.  He hated me for it… for a time.  I was only 8 years older than him, but he had no idea what was waiting for him once he got away from the home that I had made for him.  He thought our father provided for us, but our father provided nothing.  It was always me that provided for us all.  His father was not even my own.  Did you know that, Chico?“ 

I saw that Arturo was listening, but the look in his face began to show signs of concern and also confusion.

“Your father had no idea that the roof over his head and the food on his plate came from me.  From me doing terrible things to people who paid me to do such things.  He didn’t see the things that I had to do, instead believing the lies that our mother repeated and the silence of his father who let such lies go unchallenged.  His father was weak and I saw in your father a man who would also be weak unless I showed him a world where it was not not pretty, not simple and definitely… not easy.”

I watched as Arturo just listened, saying nothing, while his uncle rolled to the side, keeping Arturo’s hands in one of his own.  Arturo soon was on his side as well, having slid off his uncle.  He was on his side momentarily before his uncle simultaneously pulled his hands above his head and used his free hand to roll Arturo onto his stomach.  Maldito had managed to keep Arturo in the center and head of the bed, and the way that he did it was seamless, as if he had done it many times before.

“Your father would not talk to me for several years.  Did he ever tell you that?  No?  I’m not surprised.  As much as I had hoped he would listen and learn from me, and to understand the blood that rain through my veins, I should not have been surprised when he did not.  You see we did not share the same proud heritage of my father.  A man he did not know, but someone from whom he would have learned so much.  My father died years before your dad was born.  Did you know that?  No?  There are so many things you do not know evidently.”

Maldito reached up and grabbed Arturo’s wrists once again.  He first pulled them to his side, and then behind his back, where once again with one hand he held them together in a grip that I doubted even the strongest man could release himself from.

“I tried again and again to get your father to see the world the way it really is.  He was my younger brother and even though we did not share the same father he was still my brother.  He was family.  But he refused to listen.  Instead he continued to play a small man’s game and one day he was sloppy, he did not do his homework, he did not understand that he was running with a crowd that would spot his bullshit so easily.  That was the day your father did not come home and it will be a day I will never forget.  I failed him, and because of that I will never forgive myself. “

Arturo’s head was to the side and I could barely make out his words. 

“Uncle.  Please uncle, I didn’t know.  Why are you doing this?”

Keeping his hand firmly wrapped around Arturo’s wrists, Maldito now picked up his knee, lifting it across the bed.  Their positions now reversed, as he now straddled his nephew.

I had been listening to their conversation so intently that I did not notice Maldito’s cock.  I looked down from his face and I saw that it was now rock hard; the length went from beneath Arturo’s balls to several inches above the top of Arturo’s upturned ass cheeks, resting heavily on his lower back.

“I told you that I was keeping watch over you.  I always have.  You don’t know how disappointed I was when I found out the petty crimes you were involved in.  But I kept my distance, hoping that you would learn that your choices were ending in nothing but bad consequences, and you would eventually change your ways.  But you did not learn.  Instead you continued to make poor decisions until one day I find out your judgment was not as good as I had hoped.  Even worse I find out you are being forced to do depraved things… with Negritos no less.  Do you know how just walking in this shithole has made me almost sick to my stomach?  Do you know how careful I had to be to arrange just to come here and find out for myself if you had indeed fallen as low as I heard?”

“I’m sorry uncle.  I thought you said you had forgiven me.”  The look on Arturo’s face continued to show confusion, but in addition betrayal had been added to the mix as he realized his uncle was not quite as forgiving as he had first let on.

“Oh, Arturo, I have forgiven you.  I have not lied to you with anything that I have said today.  But I fear forgiving you may not be enough.  I had a chance years ago to save your father and I did not.  I will not make that same mistake today.  You will learn to obey, and then, and only then, will you stand a chance at rising to the level of what I expect from you.  And if to get you to obey I must have you fear me, then so be it.  If I did nothing, you would be found in a ditch one day, with a bullet to your brain… or worse.  I will not let that happen again… not to family.”

Suddenly Maldito looked to where I still sat motionless.

“You, No One.  Go to the door and tell one of my men that to bring my bag.”  I hesitated for merely a second.  “Now, No One.  If I have to ask you again you will not be pleased.”

I quickly got up and walked to the door that was only a few feet from where I sat.  I opened the door just a crack and standing in the small hallway were the two goons who had previously been in the room.  They were both standing in a position that sent a message to anyone at the party that this room was to be avoided at all costs. 

“He wants his bag,” I said in a low voice, hoping that no one else would hear me but the two men.  The man closest do the door turned his head slightly in my direction, nodded, and then reached behind him and closed the door.  I stood there for a second before turning around and walking back to my corner.

“I think he’s getting it, Sir,” I told Maldito, with my head down and making sure that I did not make eye contact.

“Thank you, No One.” 

I began to sit down when Maldito spoke once again.

“Please, come sit in the chair, No One.  I was harsh with you earlier but it was not you who I was angry with and I apologize.  So come, sit.”

I did as he told, and walked to the other side of the room where the desk was located and sat in the chair that was sitting next to it.

“I may also need your assistance, so please do pay attention, No One.”

In my new position I was much closer to the bed, only a few feet, and I could see Arturo up close as his head was turned to his side facing me.  His expression had not changed. He was still very aware that his uncle had turned the tables on him and that he was in more trouble than he first imagined.  Our eyes met briefly, but he looked away quickly.  I thought that once again I saw a look of shame come across his face as he waited for his uncle to proceed with his plans.

I heard a noise and looked over to see one of the men walk in the room and in his hand was a black leather bag.  It was a small, no longer than two feet in length, with a zipper that ran across the top and between the two handles.

“Put it next to me, on the bed,” Maldito requested, and the man did as he was told, and then quickly turned around and walked out of the room.  

“No One, open the bag please.  Better yet, bring the chair over here so you are closer.”

I got up, bringing the chair with me, and sat next to the bed as he requested.  I reached across to the bag and pulled the zipper open.

“Be careful No One.  When I ask that you get me something be sure to get only what I request.  You could hurt yourself if you are not careful and accidently grab something that you should not.  Now, look in the bag and give me my handcuffs.  They are not metal like the ones you see on TV, but are soft and black and made of Velcro.”

I pulled the bag apart so that I could see inside and I easily spotted what he wanted, but I also saw things that I wish I hadn’t.  There were silver and sharp things that one would expect to see only in their worst nightmares.  Just like his two accomplices he also had a gun in the bag, similar to the one I had previously seen.  As I reached down to grab the handcuffs I made sure to not come close to the scary instruments, or the gun.  As I pulled out the handcuffs I saw that they were made of nothing but fabric and the two holes where the wrists went were sewn together in the middle.  I handed them to Maldito, who took them and quickly pulled the Velcro back from each wrist restraint.  He placed Arturo’s wrists in the holes and then pulled the Velcro straps tight, so that when he was done Arturo’s hands were now tied tightly behind his back.

I sat back in the chair and as soon as Arturo’s hands were bound Maldito rolled to his side, facing Arturo and myself.  He kept his right hand and arm across Arturo’s back and started to gently run his hand up and down his back, including his ass. 

“No One, there is a container with a lid.  Please get it, take off the lid, and set it next to me.”

I looked in the bag and there was a black canister the size of a small coffee can.  I pulled it out and screwed off the lid.  Inside was what looked like a clear jelly but I couldn’t tell what it was.  It did not have any smell.  I set the canister next to Arturo where I knew Maldito could reach it.

Talking again to Arturo, Maldito continued.

“Are you ready to be my man Chico?  Does not matter, because I will take you even if you are not.  Very few men can take me without screaming.  Do I need to worry that you will scream nephew?”

“I don’t know Tio, you are scaring me.”

“You should have thought about that earlier.  Too many men get in in over their heads, and every time they do not realize it until it is too late.  Maybe now you will think twice before getting into situations where your only hope is that your Tio come and save you.  Do you want to be saved Chico?”

“Yes, Tio, but I can take care of myself.  I promise.”

“You say this but I’m looking at a boy who I have tied up and is on his stomach and is unable to move.  I do not think you can take care of yourself at all, Chico.  But what is it that people always say?  Ah, yes.  It is never too late to learn new things.  Today we will see if that is indeed true.”

Maldito reached over and with two of his large fingers he reached into the canister and scooped up a gob of the clear liquid.  It was thicker than it looked and he was able to get a couple of tablespoons of the goo on his fingers.  He then brought his hand over to his nephews upturned ass.

“Now Arturo, it is time for you prove to me if you are indeed a man, or the boy I have been hearing about who needs his uncle to come and save him.  If you want me to stop, simply tell me.  However, if you are indeed a man who can now take care of himself I want you to prove it.”

He then put his two fingers against Arturo’s hole and started to spread the lube around his hole. 

Still looking at his nephew’s hole and not looking up he said, “No One, is there still some of that stuff my nephew likes to put up his nose?”

 “Yes, there is still some on the mirror,” I said, looking over and seeing on the mirror the two lines that Arturo had prepared earlier. 

“Bring me the mirror, then.”

I got up from the chair, picked up the mirror, making sure that I did not spill the powder, went back and sat down, and held the mirror out to Maldito.

Maldito reached over with one of his greased up fingers and ran it down one of the lines.  Up close I realized just how big his hands were.  They were over twice the size of my own and just one of his fingers was as big as some of the cocks that I saw swinging from between men’s legs at the gym.  The powder easily stuck to his finger. Without any warning he then took his drug coated, cock-sized finger, brought it back to Arturo’s hole, and quickly jammed it up Arturo’s hole.”

“Aye, Tio!” yelled Arturo, his body immediately went tense.”

“I thought you liked this nephew?  I hear you can’t go a day without your new little powdery friend?  What would your father say if he could see you now?”  Maldito quickly pulled out his finger and I could see that most of the powder was no longer there.  He then reached over and once again ran his finger down the remaining line of powder, and bringing it back to Arturo’s ass he plunged his huge finger back into the hole that was now not only coated with lube, but with a powder mix that appeared to be dissolving into the liquid, and into Arturo’s ass.

“Please uncle, it stings!” Arturo begged.

“And do not think I am stupid Chico.  I know that you do not just put this stuff up your nose.  I hear that you have learned of quite a few tricks where you can put this stuff.  I understand that you do many crazy things when someone else supplies you with what you want.  Is this not true?”

“No, Tio.  I never do anything but snort it.  I only take it when I want, Tio.  I always pay for my own.  I never let anyone do anything that I don’t want.”  Arturo’s breathing had become more rapid and he continued to have a stunned look on his face.

Maldito bowed his head for a moment.  “Arturo, do you think I would accuse you if I was not certain?”  He continued to keep his finger in his nephew’s hole and began to push it in and out as he continued to speak.  “Did you know that those Negritos have proof of what you have done?  Do you know how I ashamed I was when they showed me?”  He continued to fuck his nephew’s hole with his finger and suddenly he jammed his other finger into his nephew’s hole.

Arturo turned his face into the bed and moaned loudly.  I was not sure if it was in pain… or pleasure.

“They even thought they could get me to pay them and threatened that they would show this to people who I do business with.  I listened to what they had to say and even smiled in agreement that of course I could not let anyone see my nephew in such compromising positions.  It would be shame to my family… and of course bad business. 

“I agreed to give them the money they requested, which was a small amount, but they were too stupid to know that the money they requested is nothing to me.  They are small thugs and do not know who they are dealing with.  Like your father, they have not done their homework.  If they had they would never have approached you, let alone came to me afterwards.  You do business with fools Arturo.”

Maldito began to not only push and pull his fingers, but also twist them side-to-side in his nephew’s hole.  Arturo kept his face down and continued to grown.  I did notice that his ass cheeks were no longer clenched, as they first were when his uncle plunged his lubed finger in his hole.

“So I come here today, not only to close the loop into this mess you have created, but also to try one last time to show you that there is only one person who can save you now.” 

He reached over again to the jar of lube and this time he scooped up an entire handful.  He brought his hand to his cock and ran the palm of his hand down his cock, covering the top of his massive cock from the base to the head.  He then began to twist his hand around his cock, coating the lube on all sides.  He needed to reach over again and into the jar to get more lube to finish the process until his entire cock was now glistening with lube.

“Are you ready, my little nephew?  You say you have dreamed of me, but this is no longer a dream.  I wonder if in your dreams you found yourself screaming?”

Arturo slowly turned his head to the side.  I could see his eyes had once again begun to gloss over.  There was even a small amount of drool that was dripping out of his mouth and landing on the white sheet. 

“Uncle, I promised you I would do anything for you. I no longer care if I live or die.  But if I must die, I pray that it will be at your hands, and no others.  Just please forgive me, Tio.  If I know that I have your forgiveness I will never betray you again.  And if I must give my body to you to find forgiveness, then I beg that you take me now.  Please, Tio.  Fuck me now and forgive me.”

As he said these things I saw that his ass has began to move underneath his uncle.  I had wondered if the drugs would have some effect as they were put directly into his ass.  As I watched him begin to grind, pushing his ass back toward his uncle, I began to realize that they most likely did.  Again, I looked into his eyes and although they were open I could tell they were focused on nothing but whatever feelings he was generating in his mind and his hole.

“You say you want me inside you.  We will now find out.”

Maldito started to lower himself in position, and realizing that Arturo was too high on the bed he reached down, and with both hands he lifted Arturo’s hips completely off the bed and moved him a good food lower on the bed.  The back of Arturo’s head was now underneath Maldito’s chest but his ass was now lined up with the monster cock that was now rock hard and coated with lube.

Lowering himself to his elbows and grasping the top of the bed with his hands he looked over to me and asked, “No One, guide me in my nephew, will you?”

Maldito’s knees were resting on the bed and his hips were poised in the air.  Even with his hips pushed off the bed, his cock still hung down and was touching the bed right below Arturo’s now greased and drugged up hole. 

I reached forward with my left hand and grabbed his cock several inches behind the head.  I could not get my fingers around it.  Not even close.  I had thought the two cocks that ravaged my hole a week earlier were huge, and they were, but this was nothing like them.  If combined, the two black cocks would be close to the thickness of this Latino monster I held in my hand.  

I lifted his cock off the bed and I could feel the actual weight of it.  Maldito moved slightly as well to help position himself as I brought the head of his cock and positioned it at the entrance to Arturo’s hole.  As the head pushed through Arturo’s bubble cheeks my eyes widened when the reality of just how big Maldito’s cock was compared to the smooth, small bubble butt beneath it.  The only thing that I had seen come close to what I now saw before me was when I watched videos of some guys get fisted.  You would see the fist and you couldn’t imagine it going into the hole, but eventually it would.  I rarely watched those types of videos because I thought they were just to freaky and there must be something incredibly wrong with guys who got into such things.  Now, however, I was going to see something even worse.

“Here I come for you my little one,” Maldito said.  Looking over to me again he continued. “And No One, do not let go of my manhood.  You will need to hold it tightly in place otherwise it will slip and it will not go in.  If you need to you can use both hands.  Just do not let go, No One.”

I did as I was told and I clamped down harder on Maldito’s cock, but if it hurt him he did not show it. 

I could feel the pressure as Maldito began to lower his weight, and his cock, onto his nephew.  As he had predicted I had to use the muscles in my arm to keep the cock from sliding away from Arturo’s hole.  It was harder than I thought.  As he continued to lower his body I could see his cock pushing against Arturo’s ass, and the mattress begin to press down underneath Arturo’s waist.

I looked at Arturo’s face and he started to come out of his daze as he felt the massive cock press down onto him.  His eyes widened and I could see the muscles in his arms start to engage as he tried to move them.  I wondered if he had momentarily forgotten that his hands were handcuffed behind him as he continued to try and pull his hands apart.  I noticed that his ass cheeks were once again clenching closed, trying to keep his uncle’s cock from going any further.  He tried to scoot up on the bed using his legs but Maldito quickly brought his own legs together, in essence pinching Arturo’s legs together with his own and removing any chance he had to get away.

“Ahhh…Tio!  It’s too big Tio!  It’s too big!” Arturo began to yell. 

“I do this because I love you Chico, not because I enjoy it; although you do bring back so many memories of your father.  He tried to get away from me like you are now.  You have done many men Chico, but you have not taken a true man until now.  As I said earlier… you will thank me for this one day.”

I felt the pressure of Maldito’s cock push harder… downward and it took a surprising amount of strength for me to hold his cock in place as it wanted to slide away from Arturo’s hole which continued to fight back.

“I told you that I would stop if you asked, but I don’t think I can stop now Chico.  I want you too much.”

My arm was shaking to hold his cock in place and I was ready to reach in with my other to stabilize it, when sudden there was a slight give and I felt Maldito’s cock move forward several inches.

Even with his uncle’s body locking him into place I saw Arturo’s body tighten up like a board.  Out of his mouth escaped not a scream but a moan so guttural that I doubted I would hear such a sound again for the rest of my life.

I looked to where Maldito’s cock met his nephew’s ass and the head of his cock had slipped in entirely.  His ass was now spread apart with a cock that was now several inches buried in his hole.  Again I thought back to those few fisting videos I had seen but instead of an arm jutting out from his hole it was a horse cock that was wide enough to keep his ass cheeks spread entirely apart.

“Are you still with me my dear nephew?” asked Maldito.

Arturo continued a low moan, his eyes open, but staring into nothingness.  I’m not sure if he even heard his uncle.

“There are many who pass out with me in them, Chico.  I am so proud that you are not one of them.  Although it would not be necessary that you be awake, but even so I’m glad that you are.  Now, let me see if you are still in one piece.”

He then pulled back suddenly and with an audible pop he pulled his cock roughly out of his nephew’s ass.  This time Arturo did scream, although it was short and ended with him closing his eyes for a few seconds where I thought he might have in fact passed out.  However, after a few seconds his eyes opened again and he continued to moan.  I noticed there were now tears streaming down his cheeks and face and his moaning slowly turned into a light weeping noise.

I watched as Maldito lifted himself up and off his nephew’s body.

“No One, please look and tell me if you see any serious damage?”

I had to lean in close as the lube was still coating his cock and it was difficult to see if there was anything else mixing in with the lube.  I also needed to get a better angle to I could see Arturo’s hole. 

“No blood,” I replied, although I could see that Arturo’s hole was purple around the edges, puffy, and looked raw. 

“Ah, that is good.  We can now continue then.  Are you ready for more nephew?”

Turning his head sideways as far as possible so that he could look at his uncle, Arturo replied, “Tio, I’m sorry.  Please, I’m so sorry.”  His words came out choked, as if his throat had also had been ravaged. 

“If you are truly sorry you will take all of me in.  You need to stop fighting me now, and always.  Once you do that I can promise you that you will never fear anyone, or anything, again.  You will know that you can do anything and you’ll never, ever, let yourself get used by anyone other than someone who truly loves you.  Do you understand Arturo?”

I was still grabbing Maldito’s cock and noticed that it had remained as solid as marble.  I wondered if some of the powder could have possibly been absorbed into Maldito’s cock, and if so, what it would do.

“Do you promise you’ll always love me, Tio?”

“I do promise, Chico.  Now show me that you want me once again inside you.  Maybe that powder that you so love is starting to work a little on your hole, no?  I am not as ignorant to what boys like you do with this powder.  I do not approve, but if it makes it easier to take your Tio, then I will allow it. “ 

He turned and then looked to me.  “Rub his hole with my cock, No One.  Let me see if he is truly ready for more.”

I lifted his cock once again and positioned it on Arturo’s hole.  I started to rub his cock on Arturo’s hole, moving it up and down and in circles.

“Now Arturo, if you promise to stay in place I will untie your hands.  I know this is uncomfortable for you, but you must promise me that you will not try and get away.”

“I promise, Tio,” Arturo replied meekly, but what also sounded like some relief in his voice.

Maldito reached down and with his right hand he pulled the Velcro apart, which allowed Arturo’s wrists to become free.

“Now grab the edge of the mattress in front of you and do not let go.  Do you understand, Chico?”

“Yes, Tio.”

Arturo then slowly moved his arms from around his back and then reached up and grabbed the top edge of the mattress with his hands.  Once again I noticed the size difference between the two, as Arturo’s arms were stretched out straight but his uncle was still on his elbows, both holding on to the edge of the mattress.  I noticed that except for his legs, which were pinned between his uncles, that Arturo’s body was completely covered by his uncle’s shadow.

“Show me nephew that you want more.  Let me see what these Negritos have taught you.”

Even though his face was still streaked with tears and he looked like he was on the edge of exhaustion, Arturo started to grind his hips and ass against his uncle’s cock.

“That’s good Arturo, but show your uncle that you really want it.”

I saw Arturo’s fingers grip the edge of the mattress harder and he started to move his hips with more rhythm and what appeared to be an actual lust for the cock that had just nearly split him apart just a few minutes earlier.

“The negritos, they say that you have fucked many men at once, and that you beg them for more, and that you do not even care who fucks you.  Is that true?”

There was a look of shame again as Arturo thought how he would answer.

“I have uncle, but I don’t understand why I do it and it’s only been when I’m high. I feel bad later, after I realized what I’ve done.  But I don’t remember everything.  It’s very fuzzy when I do those things.”

“But that hunger when you are begging for cock… do you remember that now?  Do I bring back any of those feelings Chico?”

Arturo had continued to move his hips and I had kept the pressure of Maldito’s cock on his hole.

“Yes, Tio.  I remember how hungry my ass feels when so many men use me.  It’s starting to feel that way now.  I just want more and more and I can’t help myself.   It is a hunger that never goes away.”

“So, tell me then, Chico.  What do you want me to do now?  Be careful though, because I may just do it…”

Again, Arturo looked over his shoulder as far as possible so he could look at his uncle.  Any earlier shame was clearly gone and in it’s place was a lust, a true hunger, that I had not seen before other than in myself when I looked in the mirror a week earlier as I gave in to men who would do anything they wanted with me.

“Fuck me, Tio.  I am ready to be a real man and I will prove to you that I can handle all of you, Tio.” 

Arturo’s gyrations were now in full swing and I was amazed at the difference between just minutes earlier when he was begging his uncle to stop and here he was now begging for his uncle to continue.”

“Fuck me, Tio.  And I want it hard.  Make me learn to take it, Tio.”

I continued to hold Maldito’s cock in place as once again I felt him shift and once again get in place.

“I think you are ready also, nephew.  But it is not just you and I, Chico who are here.  Let me ask your friend.”  Looking over at me, and this time I did not look down as our eyes met, he asked.  “So tell me, No One.  What do you think I should do?”

I looked at the entire view in front of me.  My previously cocky Latino teen who had met me at the park earlier was now on his stomach, his legs squeezed together, his hands gripping the edge of the bed, and a look of crazed lust on his face mixed with his tears.  I looked at the man who towered over him, covered in tattoos and muscle, who’s horse sized cock was positioned at the edge of Arturo’s that was now quivering and shaking.  I looked back at Maldito, and with a serious but honest voice I told him what he should do.

“Fuck him.  Fuck him hard.”

And with that Maldito looked back down at his nephew who was still looking over his shoulder and said, “You heard the man.” 

He then pushed forward and I felt his cock slide through my fingers as I held it in place.  Again Arturo’s ass did not give in easily.  The bed squeaked as the weight and force of Maldito’s cock pushed through Arturo’s body and into the mattress.  I watched as Arturo’s head turned to face the mattress and again he buried his face in it. 

“More lube, No One,” Maldito asked, and I quickly removed my hand and grabbed more of the clear goo from the container before bringing it back and coating the huge cock. I pushed my fingers to the head of his cock also where I did my best to coat its now uncovered head. 

And that’s when it started to disappear into Arturo’s body.

The low moan escaping Arturo’s mouth returned as the head sank into Arturo’s hole and the puckered and purple edges once again stretched an unbelievable length in all directions.  I watched as the edges of Arturo’s hole closed around his uncle’s head as it slipped past.  Arturo’s breathing picked up dramatically as if he had just run a 40-yard dash in 10 seconds.  He was still moaning and the sound was thick and raspy as if the sound was coming from somewhere deep within his body.  His tongue hung out like a dog as he gasped for air.

Instead of pulling back this time, Maldito continued to lower his weight and his cock, onto and into his nephew.  Although Arturo’s legs were pinned together by his uncle’s, I saw his legs bend at the knee as inch after inch of his uncle’s cock sank deeper into his ass.  Arturo’s body began to shake and I watched his knuckles tighten their grip on the mattress. 

“Tio… Tio… Tio!” Arturo mumbled louder with each inch.  His head and neck began to arch back as if he were being shot with a Taser.  I saw him briefly let go of the mattress, his fingers stretched wide and shaking, before once again grabbing the edge of the bed. 

“I love you Chico.  Never forget that,” said Arturo’s uncle as he continued to gut his nephew with his cock.  Half of his cock was now in his nephew’s hole.  I noticed that I no longer needed to hold the monster cock to keep it in its place.  I carefully pulled my hand away, but continued to lean forward, literally feeling the energy that was emanating from the two.

“I… love… you… too… Tio,” said Arturo, his eyes now rolling in their sockets.

The massive cock appeared to be hitting some barrier inside of his nephew’s hole, and Maldito’s began to shift his hips slightly side-to-side as if he were trying to find a better angle for his cock to go deeper.  He did this for a few seconds before smiling and exclaiming, “Ah, there you are,” and as I watched his cock once again began to sink deeper.

As he lowered his body further, Arturo’s hamstrings once again convulsed and his legs curled at the back of his knees to the point where his heels were pressing tightly into the back of his uncle’s thighs.  It looked like he was once again trying to pull away from his uncle but it did no good.  He was pinned even more than before as his uncle’s body was now pressed down even more on his smooth backside.

Arturo continued to breath heavily, but this time he was exhaling quickly with his lips curled into a tight circle.  I had seen this type of breathing before but it was when I watched a video of a woman giving birth and she was in the last stages of contractions.   

“So close now Chico.  So very close.  You are doing very well.  I am so proud of you.” 

Arturo arched his neck but looking straightforward he replied, “Thank you, Tio.  I am trying so hard, Tio.”  Each word came out of his mouth as if he were struggling to say each word.

“Not much more. I promise.  But Chico, before I am completely inside you I want you to do something that would make me feel so good.  Would you do one thing for me?  If you do this one thing I think I will fall in love with you like no other.”

“Yes, anything,” Arturo replied.  I looked at Arturo’s face and I wondered if he even knew what was going on.  His head still jerking, and his eyes still rolling back in their sockets occasionally.  He looked as if he was going slightly mad.

“When you were just a boy and you would nap naked by my side I would pretend you were my son.  I have never told anyone that.  It has been a secret I have always kept to myself and I thought I would die with that secret.  Would you do me the courtesy of pretending that I was your father, if just for one day?  Call me father and I promise I will never leave you again.”

I saw Arturo’s eyes suddenly close and his head stop arching backward.  He turned his head toward me and I saw his face melt.  Gone were the straining muscles and gritting teeth.  In their place was a face filled with calm as if he had just woken from the most fabulous dream.  With his head now resting on its side he opened his eyes and although I don’t think he was looking at me purposely, his eyes were still locked onto mine.

His words came out in a whisper, but they were clear and loud enough for both of us to hear.

“Take me, father.  That is all I’ve ever wanted.”

Maldito pushed forward and the remaining 5 inches sank in.  I sat back momentarily in total bewilderment that his cock had actually gone all the way in this little Latino ass that was right in front of me.

Arturo’s body first went rigid again, then collapsed as if he had just been given a dose of shock treatment.  Then slowly his body began to shake; not a lot but enough to look as if he were freezing cold and he just couldn’t get warm. 

And then Maldito started to fuck him.

After such a careful entrance - or as careful as one could be with such a freakishly huge monster cock – I had expected Maldito to start and fuck slowly, but he did not. He pulled half of his cock out in about two seconds and then just as fast he shoved it back in.  Arturo’s body once again stiffened, his punishing groans returned, and his tongue once again fell out of his mouth as if he couldn’t control it. 

Again Maldito pulled back halfway and plunged back in, this time just a little faster.  Arturo looked to be on the brink of passing out, his eyes beginning to flutter.

Again and again Maldito pulled about halfway out and plunged back in, getting faster and faster with each stroke, until he was fucking Arturo at the pace of about two thrusts per second.  Arturo’s moans had turned into garbled grunts and occasional bursts of whining like a puppy.  But he did not ask for the abuse to stop.  Instead he appeared to be barely balancing what sanity he had left, with what was left of his rational mind.  He would occasionally look directly ahead at the mirror in front of him, and as if noticing what was happening to him he would look directly into his own eyes and try to make some sense out of what was he saw.

As Maldito continued to fuck his nephew he continued talking to him. 

“Ah, Mijo, I so love you.  You feel so good.  Do you like your Papi inside you like this?”

“Si, Papi,” Arturo grunted in reply.

As I watched Arturo getting fucked I saw his eyes once again momentarily become focused.  He was looking into the mirror and I now saw that he had locked eyes with Maldito, whose ass was lifting up and down and plunging his massive cock into his hole.

“I want more, Papi.” Arturo said as he locked eyes with his uncle.  As he did I saw him push upwards with his ass as his uncle pushed down, as if he did not have enough cock in him already.  His uncle responded by pulling even farther back with his cock with each withdrawal and slamming to his balls as he came back down. 

I saw a slight moment of hesitation as Arturo momentarily tried to pull away from his uncle, but he quickly regained himself and pressing lips together he one again pushed up and back against his uncle.

“You do love me, don’t your Chico.”

“Si, Papi, more than anything.  I know you want more so please, Papi, give it to me.”

Maldito did not need to be asked twice and in one move he pulled his cock all the way out of Arturo’s ass.  For just a brief second, as I heard Arturo yell once again, I looked and was able to see the hole that had once belonged to Arturo, but now clearly belonged to his uncle.  The lips of his ass were still purple, but more so.   Even a few feet away I could see that as his uncle pulled his massive cock out, that what looked to be part of Arturo’s insides momentarily came out with the cock.  His hole instinctively tried to close and I could still see the dark redness of Arturo’s insides for just a second.  Suddenly Maldito plunged his cock back into his nephew’s ass and did not stop until it was buried as far as it would go.

Arturo’s head jutted back in an arch so angled that I thought for certain his neck would snap.  He looked like he was screaming but no sound escaped his mouth.  Without waiting Maldito once again begin to pull his cock quickly out of Arturo’s ass until once again I saw the head pop out, the redness of Arturo’s insides at the very edge of the hole, and again the cock slammed forward until there was no further for the cock to go.

Maldito’s strength was amazing as I realized that with each pull backward and thrust forward he was lifting practically his entire body weight.  I had wondered how much Maldito weighed when I first saw him enter the room, but now as I saw him up close, and I saw the muscles of his back and abdominals kicking in, I realized that he surely weighed over 350 pounds.  As he came down he literally was crushing his nephews body into the mattress.

When if first saw the redness of Arturo’s insides I wondered if he was bleeding, but as I continued to watch his uncle pull all the way out and pushing all the way back in, I could see that miraculously he was not bleeding at all, and that the redness was most likely his guts showing through the gaping hole his uncle was making of his now very abused asshole.  It still tried to close each time his uncle pulled out, but not by much and I briefly thought that I could easily fit my entire fist in Arturo’s hole.  I kept those thoughts to myself though as not to give Maldito any ideas.

I saw the sweat was starting to break out over Maldito’s body and that drips had begun to fall on his nephew below him.  His breathing had started to pick up either from the excitement of the fucking he was doing to his own nephew, or from the enormous amount of energy it must be taking to fuck so rough.  I gathered it was a little of both. 

As I watched him fuck Arturo, and I saw that Arturo was once again apparently transfixed on the image of himself in the mirror I began to wonder, “What if that was me?  Could I take that?”  And as I watched as Arturo’s body clearly had switched gears and was now pushing back against each of his uncle’s thrusts I saw that his brain was most likely exploding in ways that maybe, just maybe, I had gotten a taste of a week earlier.  I started to pretend that it was I on the bed and that it was Arturo watching me getting fucked, and without even being aware of it I started to stroke my cock.  Maldito, however, did notice.

“No One, are you enjoying this as well?” he asked, verbally shaking me out of my fantasy.

“Yeah…” I wanted to say more, but nothing came out.

“Maybe one day, No One, but today is for my new son.  But when you are ready to cum you let me know and I will tell you what to do.  Do you understand?”  He said all of these things as sweat was running down his face and as he continued to fuck Arturo.

“I understand.”

“Good,” he relied.

For the next 5 minutes I watched an assault on of a man that was not even close to any of the porn that I watched in the early morning hours when my parents were asleep.  Not even the fisting videos compared.  I was watching something so brutal, but at the same time so unbelievable unique, that I could not look away.  If anyone walked in they may have turned away in horror to see someone being as brutal as I saw Maldito with Arturo.  However, Arturo never once let go of the side of the bed or pull away.  I was seeing a man break another man in a way that only a man could… and I thought it was beautiful.

My mind and body was racing, and I was sweating myself, when all of a sudden I knew that I would start to cum within seconds. Not forgetting what I had been told I called out to Maldito in a voice louder than I had expected.  “I’m going to cum soon!”

Maldito suddenly pushed himself off his elbows and sat up on his knees, his cock flopping out of his nephew.  He reached over to where I sat and with both hands he grabbed me under my shoulders and lifted me up as if I was a doll.  He pulled me over to where he was sitting and pulled my back against his chest, and wrapped one of his arms around my chest so that I was now in front of him and on my knees as well.  For a brief moment I panicked, thinking that he was going to push me over on my hands and knees and begin to fuck me, but instead he moved back several feet on the bed, taking me with him.  I was now looking down at Arturo from the same angle Maldito had been fucking him. 

Not sure what was happening, Arturo had began to get up on his elbows.  Seeing what he was doing Maldito quickly told him, “Stay down, Miho.  Get back down and do not move.”  Arturo did what he was told and was once again lying flat and grabbing the edges of the mattress.  In the shock and confusion of being pulled onto the bed my need to cum subsided slightly, but my cock was still very close to the edge.

“Fuck him No One, and cum in his ass.  Do it now.”  He said it in a tone that was not harsh, but very clear that I was not to hesitate.  He let his arm drop from my chest, which caused me to fall forward and onto my hands.  I found my cock was now only inches from Arturo’s hole, which was truly now a hole that was as open as a Red Bull can.

I looked up at the mirror and saw that Arturo was looking at me.  As I was looking at him he pushed his ass back and before I react he has pushed his ass all the way back and my cock quickly was buried to my balls. 

“Do what he says.  Fuck me,” Arturo said.

With another quick glance in each other’s eyes in the mirror I didn’t waste any time and I soon found myself starting to pound away at his hole, which was so loose, but at the same time so warm and moist.  I had been close to cumming but I did my best to fuck his ass for a good minute.  I knew that all I had to do was let down my guard and I would cum, but it just felt so damn good that I didn’t want it to stop.  I had never felt anything like it.  It was so sloppy, but it made it just that more exciting to know that my cock was in an ass that had just been wrecked by one of the biggest cocks I knew I would ever see in my life.

I was so overwhelmed at how my cock felt that I didn’t even realize that Maldito had picked up his cock and was now resting it on my ass and back, just as he had done to Arturo earlier.  For just a split second I hoped he would take me; that he would throw me down and do what he did to Arturo.

As if he could read my mind I felt Maldito lean forward from behind me and whisper in my ear, “I must admit, No One, that there is something special about you that intrigues me, but I dare not, at least today. Maybe just a small gift so you do not forget me.”  I then felt him move back so I could continue to fuck his nephew, but I felt like the most special person on the earth as I felt Maldito’s huge hands start to caress my ass, and lightly press one of his greased up fingers against the edge of my asshole and slowly push it in.

That was all I needed.  I started to explode inside of Arturo’s ass as he continued to push back against my cock as if he was trying to suck my cum out with his hole.  I wasn’t nearly as composed as I had hoped and I let out several yells of pleasure as the cum continued to shoot out of my cock and into Arturo’s now ruined hole.  My body continued to jerk a few times before my orgasm subsided and I found myself starting to collapse on top of Arturo; I felt Maldito's finger slip from my ass.

Before I could collapse completely, Maldito once again was grabbing my hips and carefully this time lifted my body and rolled me next to Arturo, where I collapsed on my side facing the two of them.

“That was good, No One.  Now, you will stay still as I finish.”  He looked me in the eyes as he said those words, and although it was very quick I saw one of his eyes wink at me, as if we now we had a secret that was to be kept between just the two of us.

Maldito once again moved back up on the bed and got himself in the position where his cock was pointed and pressed against Arturo’s ass.

“Are you ready, Miho for me to give you the best gift you will ever have?”

“Si, Papi, I am ready.  Can I get up on my hands and knees so I can push back against you?”

“It is harder to take that way, Miho, but if you want me to fuck you that way, I will oblige.”

Maldito pushed himself back up until he was sitting on his knees.  When he did Arturo slowly pushed back and I watched as he winced, feeling his muscles and bones once again given the chance to move freely.

When he pushed back onto his hands and knees I saw a smile cross Maldito’s face.  It took me a second to realize what made him so amused.  I looked at Arturo, now waiting for his ass to be used once again.   And I looked at Maldito and due to how big he was his cock was a good foot above where Arturo’s hole was now waiting.  Even with Arturo pulling his knees fully together to give his ass as much height, he still was not high enough to reach his uncle’s cock.  Arturo did not seem to have noticed, as he appeared to be waiting for the next onslaught of unbelievable fucking.

“Look up, Miho.  You see why I fuck the way I do?  Although you are a grown man now you still have quite a ways to grow before you are as big as your Papi.”

Arturo looked up and saw what his uncle was talking about and began to let himself go flat once again on the bed.

“No, no.  Stop, Miho.  I will give you what you want.  I will show you another way, but stay where you are.  I hope you have strong arms and shoulders, Miho.”

Arturo pushed back up and as soon as he did Maldito reached down and this time grabbed Arturo’s hips in both of his hands and pulled him off the bed and back against his stomach, but unlike me he lifted Arturo clean off the bed where his knees no longer rested on the bed.  Maldito kept one hand wrapped firmly around Arturo’s waist, and with the other he reached down and pulled Arturo’s upper body off the bed and up against his body. 

“Reach up with your Arms, Miho, and wrap your hands around my neck.  Hold on tight.”

Arturo did what he was told and I saw the muscles of his arms kick in as he clasped his hands around his uncle neck, still with his back against his uncle. 

“Now hold on.”

With uncanny strength Maldito moved to the edge of the bed and then stood up.  He kept his hands wrapped around Arturo’s body so that he would not fall.

They were now standing next to the chair I had been sitting in.

“Now, carefully place your feet on the chair.”

Arturo did what he was told.

“Now let go and grab the back of the chair.  Keep your knees bent.  Don’t worry, I won’t let go of you and you won’t tip over.”

Arturo then grabbed the back of the chair and a soon as he did Maldito relaxed his grip around his chest.

“Now grab my cock, Miho, and guide it into you.”

Arturo reached back with one hand and did not have to feel in the air for long before he found his uncle’s cock.   I saw that Arturo was once again looking in one of the mirrors as he pushed himself back against his uncle.

It took a few second but Arturo let out a little yell when Maldito’s cock head once again slipped in his hole.  He quickly got over the initial pain of his uncle’s cock once again being inside him, and slowly he bent at the knees and I saw Maldito’s cock disappear into Arturo’s now insatiable hungry ass.

“Make your Papi proud, Miho.  Show me how much you want it.”

Arturo didn’t waste any time before he was pushing up and down with his legs and over and over again began impaling his ass on the monster cock.

“Oh God, Papi, this feels so good!” yelled Arturo.

“I’m glad you like it, Miho, now hold the chair tightly.  No One… “ he said, looking over to me, ”…come over here and brace the chair so that it does not tip over.”

I quickly got up from the bed and went behind the chair so I was looking directly at Arturo in front of me who was still squatting and ridding on his uncle’s cock while standing on the chair.”

“Hang on, Miho” Maldito exclaimed, when all of a sudden he reached down with both of his huge paws and grabbed Arturo under the inside of each of his legs and lifted him off the chair completely so that Arturo was now suspended, his hands holding the back of the chair and his uncle’s cock still buried to the hilt in his ass.

“Now carefully put your hands on the seat of the chair, Miho.”

I had to hold the chair in place as Arturo moved his hands down to the seat of the chair and kept them locked in place.  He was now holding his upper body while his uncle had his ass impaled on his cock.

“Now hold on, Miho.  I’m going to fuck you ‘til I come.”

With that, and still holding his nephew’s hips easily in his hands, he began to push and pull Arturo’s hole back and forth on his cock.  Arturo started to grunt uncontrollably with each thrust, trying to hold onto the chair.  I saw a look of determination come over Maldito’s face as he pulled Arturo back and forth on his cock as if he as using his nephew’s body as his own personal jackoff toy. 

He continued to fuck him for a few more minutes, and I could tell that between getting a horse size cock jammed in and out of his ass and having to hold up his body with his arms, that Arturo was getting close to complete exhaustion.

All of a sudden Maldito was not only pulling Arturo’s body back and forth but he also was forcing his cock up and in his nephew’s hole, each time sending Arturo’s ass bouncing into the air.  I watched as Arturo struggled to hang onto the chair.

“I’m cumming, Miho.  Your Papa is fucking cumming in you, Miho!”  He was almost yelling out the words and I expected someone to come into the room to see what the commotion was about, but no one came. 

Maldito’s thrusts were violent and finally Arturo’s arms finally gave out and he fell forward.  He should have fallen to the ground but he didn’t as his uncle kept him impaled against him so hard that I thought Arturo’s hips would surely break.  Arturo looked like one of those cheap, plastic blow up dolls at this point, as Maldito clearly had no problem holding up his limp body as he continued his final spasms and shot his cum deep into his nephew guts.

“Oh, fuck.  Miho, that was good.  I love you so fucking much, Miho.” Maldito was beginning to relax his grip and as he did so I saw his cock pulling slowly out of Arturo’s ass until the monster completely popped out and Arturo slumped to the floor.

I was still standing behind the chair and I watched as Maldito straightened his back and brought his hands to his head and ran his fingers through his hair.  I was almost in a trance as I saw his body now drenched in sweat.  Even though I had cum a few minutes earlier I couldn’t help but admire a man that even the most straight men in the world would no doubt admire. 

I looked down at Arturo who had brought his knees into his chest and remained curled up on the floor, not moving.  I cold no longer see his ass but I knew that it had been punished more than most men would ever experience.  I envied him a little but I also could see the look on his face that he clearly had been through something extremely traumatic as he continued to clasp his arms around his knees.

Maldito came to his senses much quicker than Arturo and I.  He reached down and stripped the bed of its sheet.  He then took it and quickly dried himself and wiped the lube off his cock and fingers. 

He sat back down on the bed and without looking at me demanded, “Bring me my clothes, No One.” 

I did as he asked and carefully laid his clothes on the bed next to him and put his shoes and socks at his feet.  I watched as he took his time getting dressed, careful to tuck in his shirt and put on his tie so that if anyone saw him they would not believe that he had just fucked the shit out of his nephew.

He got up and walked to one of the mirrors to inspect himself, and then turned around and walked back to where I stood, still naked.

“Now it’s very important that you do as you are told, No One.  You have pleased me more than I would have thought and for that you should be very happy.  But we are not done yet, and in fact the next few steps will be most important.  I am going to leave this room and take care this mess that my nephew has created.  While I do, I want you to get dressed, and then get my nephew dressed.  You will have no more than 5 minutes.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” I replied.

“Good.  5 minutes, No One.  No more.”

“We’ll be ready, sir.”

He walked to the door and began to open it when he stopped and turned around.

“One more thing.  I want you to call me Tio from now on.  Tio means uncle if you did not know.  This way I now have a new son and a new nephew to take his place.  This is a very special day for me, indeed.  Is that okay with you?”

I hesitated for just a second before responding, “Yes…Tio.”

“I think we are going to get along just fine, No One.”  He then turned around, walked out the door, and closed the door behind him.

 I stood there for few seconds and tried to get my mind around what had just happened.  Although it had taken over a 30 minutes it seemed like it had gone by in just seconds.  I could still remember standing there as Maldito walked in the room, and now he was already gone.

I suddenly remembered what he had asked me to do and I quickly put on my own clothes.  I then went over to where Arturo had not moved or said a word.  I was worried that he has passed out but when I reached down to shake him he opened his eyes and looked at me.”

“That was my father, and he forgives me.”  He said it in a way where I knew without a doubt that not only was he still as high as a kite, but thankfully he was not in a coma either.  I was relieved.

“Come on, get up.  You need to get dressed.  Maldito…your dad… needs us to get dressed.  I think he wants us to leave with him.”

Arturo first rolled to his knees and then with my help I grabbed him underneath his armpits and pulled him to his feet.  He was in no way heavy but it reminded me how easily Maldito had held him in the air with apparent ease.

“Here, get your pants on.  Here’s your shirt.” 

I went around and grabbed his remaining clothes and watched as he slowly put them on.  I had to help him with his shoes.  He moved slowly, but he didn’t appear to have any permanent damage.  He didn’t say a word though as I helped him get dressed.  I didn’t have a watch but I knew that our 5 minutes was going to run out any second.

I had just finished lacing up his shoes when over the vibrating of the music in the other room I heard a Champaign cork pop off.  I didn’t think anything of it other than maybe they were having some type of celebration.  Then I heard another pop… and another… and another… and people began screaming.

I tugged on Arturo and got him to his feet, not knowing what to do, but being prepared for anything.  I was getting ready to grab him and see if I could push him under the bed to hide, when the door opened and one of the two goons calmly walked in the room.   I stood there and waited to die.

“Come with me,” he said.  Looking at Arturo and seeing that he was not in a solid state of mind he added, “Bring him with you and make sure you do not let him go.  Walk quickly.  Let’s go.”  He then walked out the door, leaving the door open behind him. 

I walked slowly, wrapping my arm around Arturo’s waist, and headed to the door and walked out into the hall.  I didn’t even have to exit the door before I saw the first body.  It was a women and she was sprawled face down.  There was a pool of blood spreading out on the side of her face that I could not see.  I stopped momentarily before looking up and seeing the same goo motion with his hand, waving me to keep up.

I don’t know how I did it but somehow I did not collapse, although I could no longer feel my legs.  I stepped forward, and over the woman, keeping hold of Arturo as I did.  His head was down and although his legs were moving I doubt if he even knew what was going on. 

As I walked down the hall, the doors to the once closed rooms were now open and I made the mistake of looking in one of them and saw two naked bodies covered in blood lying on the bed.  I thought the man may have been Jake but I turned away quickly, afraid that I might vomit.  My mind began shutting down in a defensive manner that I have never experienced before, but in a way that kept my focus on survival, and nothing more. 

Although I saw several more bodies in the hallway I did not stop and I did not let go of Arturo, holding him even tighter as if it was he who was holding me up instead of the other way around.  As I entered the living room I did not stop as I saw several bodies on the couch and several that looked as if they had tried to get out the front door before being shot.  One of the men lying on the floor was Martin.  I saw his dead eyes staring at the ceiling and I quickly turned away.  As I stumbled to the door I was thinking that this hideaway apartment – a place that was a secret and designed to keep the world out – had turned out to be the same place that in the end turned into these people’s tomb. 

I eventually got to the door, practically dragging Arturo as he kept stepping on the bodies and tripping over them. 

“Come on Arturo, we need to go.  Please, Arturo, watch your step,” I begged.  I said these things as if I was instructing a child that it was time to leave the ice cream store and to watch out for any spilled ice cream as we did. 

I finally got the both of us out the door and the fresh night air was intoxicating.  I had also smelled things as I walked through the apartment but my brain did not process what they were until I once again had fresh air coursing through my lungs.  I would never forget that smell of death for as long as I lived.

I walked up the one level of stairs, dragging Arturo behind me and wondering why the goon ahead of me wasn’t helping me.  I looked up, getting ready to ask for help, and noticed that he was not focusing on us at all, but instead had his gun drawn and was calmly and carefully watching the surroundings with the calm intensity of a hawk looking for the wayward rabbit that would soon be his next meal.  I changed my mind about asking him for help and instead just continued to drag Arturo up the stairs.

When we got to the top of the stairs the largest four-door sedan I had ever seen pulled up as if the three of us had just robbed a bank and were waiting for the getaway car.  Both of the side doors opened at once and I heard a voice instruct, “Put him in the back seat.”  The goon had already hopped in the front seat as I pulled Arturo over and practically tossed him into the open back seat door.  I was ready to push him over when I saw a pair of large arms suddenly grab him from inside and pull him in.  Not hesitating I hopped in the car and shut the door as the car was already pulling away.

I was out of breath from getting Arturo out of the apartment.  I was looking around the interior of the car but the windows were tinted and it took me a second to adjust to what little light there was.  I noticed that there was a window that stretched the width of the car, separating the front seats from the rear.  I looked over and sitting next to me was Maldito, the man whose arms I had just seen.  He was sitting up and had pulled Arturo close to him, with his arm around his shoulders holding him to his chest.  I found myself leaning against the door as I looked over at the huge man who was now sitting next to me.  I did not know what to say, so I said nothing.

“You did good, No One.  Thank you,” he said calmly.

My mind was still in shock and trying to block out the images that I just had seen, however it was failing as flashes of the people dead still ran through my mind.  I tried to focus on what Maldito was saying but I heard the words as if they were coming from of a broken speaker system in another room.

“Is Arturo okay? “ I asked quietly, noticing that Arturo had passed out completely.  I wasn’t sure if he was dead or alive.

Maldito looked down at the head of his nephew as it rested on his chest.  He reached up and with one hand stroked his shaved head.

“Arturo is fine.  What we did may have been too much for him, but I think it’s the drugs that have done him more harm. He will need to control his urges and I will discuss the problem with him when he awakens.  But, how are you, No One?  What is going through your mind, may I ask?”

He looked at me and I could see he was looking for some sign, some hint of what was truly going through my mind.  There was a deep seriousness in his eyes that chilled the air between us.  I felt as if he was looking to see if I could handle what I had just seen or whether I could not.  I did not want to know what he would do if he felt that I could not hold on to what little sanity I still had left.

“I’m glad I’m out of there, and I have you to thank for it.”  I hesitated a few seconds as he continued to stare at me, looking for a glimpse of what truth I had behind my eyes that would give him what he needed to make any decision about my fate. 

I continued.

“You saved me.  I didn’t want to be there anymore… thank you.”  And I meant every word.  I didn’t care if he believed me or not.  I didn’t have anything left; I was emotionally raw and I couldn’t have made something up if I tried.  The only thing I could tell him was the truth and what would happen after that would just… happen.

He stared at me for what felt like minutes, but was no more than seconds.  He then held out his upturned hand in a gesture that even in my current mental state told me he meant for me to take it, and I did.  He easily covered my entire hand in his own as he closed his grip.

“Come closer,” he said.  I did as he asked and moved closer to him in the back seat.  He released my hand but grabbed the upper part of my arm gently, making sure that he did not disturb Arturo.  “Come closer so I can see your face.  Do not be afraid of me, No One, I will not harm you.  I did not expect that there would be a new Chico riding in this car today, but I find that I am glad there is.”

Even sitting in the back of the car he reminded me of a giant in a clown car.  I leaned toward him, no longer afraid, as I did believe him when he said I nothing to fear.  I got up on one knee so that I was only a foot from his face.   He let go of my arm and moved it to the back of my neck, once again grasping me securely, but with a tenderness that one would not expect to see from such a man.

Suddenly he leaned forward, and pulling my face to his he closed his eyes and brought his lips to mine, kissing me gently and holding them against his for a few, silent seconds.  He pulled back, his lips falling away from mine. I watched as his eyes slowly opened and he said in a whisper that I don’t think even Arturo could have heard if he were awake.

“Welcome to the family, No One.”