November 24, 2012

The Zone (Fiction) - Chapter 5

I apologize that I have not posted anything lately.  I find myself moving once again to a new city and I have not had time to have as much fun as I am accustomed to, or write any of it down.  I have had some fun encounters and I will post them shortly, but in the meantime I wrote  a new chapter in a story that some of you apparently like.  I hope you like this additional chapter.  Ciao.


It had been only a few minutes since Martin had left the room.  I had remained in place, sitting on the edge of the bed, not knowing what to do.  Martin had indicated that some guy named Maldito had arrived and wanted to see Arturo.  I had no idea who this ‘Maldito’ was but clearly Arturo did and it had him concerned. 

He had gotten up from the bed and started to pace the room slowly, his head down, looking at the floor with a worried expression locked in place.  A few minutes earlier he had appeared to be somewhat out of it due to whatever it was he was snorting up his nose.  He was now much more focused, although I could see in his half-closed eyes that he was still feeling the effects of the drugs.  As if coming out of a dream Arturo suddenly looked up and saw himself in one of the many mirrors, shook his head, realizing that he was still naked, and walked to where he has tossed his jeans and started to put them on.  He had just put his second foot through his jean leg and was pulling them up to his waist when the door opened.

Into the room walked the biggest man I have ever seen in my life.  As he walked in I couldn’t help notice that the top of his head cleared the doorframe by mere inches.  I also noticed that he was not only tall, but wide as well; his shoulders appeared to come close to brushing the sides of the doorway.  He was dressed in a dark blue, pinstripe, two-piece suit, with a red floral pattern tie.  I had been to my father’s office many times and I knew an expensive suit when I saw one; this man was dressed to kill.  His shoes were black and shined to the point where the single light bulb in the room glared off their tips.  He was wearing dark sunglasses and as he walked in the room he slowly pulled them off with his right hand, folded them, pulled his jacket open, and slid them into the inside suit pocket. 

The Man who knew how to make an entrance.

August 4, 2012

Hitting The Showers

I just got back from the gym and had some unexpected fun.

I work out in the afternoon so the gym I go to is rarely crowded.  Today was no exception with no more than 15 or so people working out.  The gym isn't one of those large chains that you find in every city, but a locally owned gym owned by a middle age couple that I have met and know on a first name basis.  It's not very large but has all of the basics that one needs to stay in shape.  It being smaller is one of the reasons I like it.  I generally like to people watch as I work out and in a smaller gym you get to know your surroundings, meet people, and it's just more of an overall personal experience.

I was half way through my workout when I saw this middle age woman who looked to be around 45 or so.  She appeared to not really understand how the machine she was using worked and as I was watching her this tall, young kid came up to her and proceeded to show her how to do the exercise.  This kid was probably around 6'2", not beefy, but not skinny either.  He was white and he had a baby face on him.  He looked to be around 18 or 19.  He was most likely either a senior in high school or a freshman in college. 

I am not attracted to younger guys in general.  As I've gotten older I find that I am attracted to guys close to my age.  So when I was in my 20s I generally played with guys in their 20s also, and now that I'm in my 40s I play around with guys around my age.  Although I keep to my own age it doesn't stop me from noticing at times how incredibly sexy some of these young guys are.  I'm not sure what it was about this kid, but it was something about how young he looked and yet here he was at least a couple of inches over six feet tall.  It was that strange look of youth and masculinity that only hangs around for a few years as boys turn into men.

June 15, 2012

The Finisher

I have previously written about one particular trip to Ft. Lauderdale where I spent an entire weekend giving up my hole to anyone and everyone.  You can read about some of my encounters over this wild weekend here.  This is going to be about the last guy that fucked me the first night I arrived in Ft. Lauderdale.  I think of him as The Finisher

When I first got online and set up at the Days Inn in Ft. Lauderdale I received a message on BBRT from a guy who was only interested in connecting with me after I was done for the night.  He wanted to be the last guy to fuck me.  It was early on a Friday afternoon when I arrived and before I had even met with the first guy he had sent me the message.  I was honest with him and told him that more than likely it could be very late, possibly around 2:00 to 3:00 when I finished.  He told that it didn't matter how late it was but that when I felt like I had had enough he wanted to come over and play.  His profile didn't particularly stand out from the others.  Per his profile was 39, 5'8", and weighed 150-159 lbs.  He only had one picture in his profile which was of him with his shirt on, standing outside, and wearing a  baseball cap.  He didn't have any cock pics.  He just had the one picture that could easily have been his Facebook profile picture.  His profile heading was simple and to the point: Top Looking for Bare Ass.  He listed his cock as large.  That was it.

As he was sending me his message and I was corresponding back I already was getting my first fuck lined up which turned out to be a pretty rough Latino guy.  At the time I was intrigued but I honestly wasn't paying that much attention to a guy who probably would be nowhere to be found when I was done for the evening.  I told him that I would let him know when I was done and then I quickly forgot about him knowing that the first guy was going to be coming over.  I then set about getting as much cock as possible and as luck would have it I found quite a few that night.  I had several very intense hookups that I have written about, but I also had some quick drive by cum-n-dumps that lasted no more than 10 minutes.  I liked all of it and my hole was getting used and abused in a way that far exceeded my expectations.

May 29, 2012

Back Into The Light

This happened today and I'm writing this after working a couple of hours on the yard.  I didn't expect to have anything interesting to write about today, but I had some fun.

I rarely go to adult bookstores where they have the backrooms where you can put in your money, close the door, and either jerk off, suck, or be sucked through a glory hole.  I've found that the sex is just too limited with the small rooms and that most guys are looking for just oral.  I prefer to get fucked so I have zero interest in getting my cock sucked.  Then trying to play the game of getting into a booth next to someone who is looking for their dick sucked can just be a pain.  However, as I was driving by one of the bookstores I decided on a whim to stop in.

It was mid afternoon and I saw a couple of cars in the parking lot.  I walked in and bought a bottle of poppers from the guy behind the counter who never stopped talking on the phone during the entire transaction.  With poppers in hand I then headed to the back room where there is just one hallway with about 10 video booths where there is only enough room for one folding chair for a guy to sit and jerk off.  These were small rooms.

I noticed a couple of guys doing the room shuffle so I went to the opposite end and stepped inside one of the rooms and left the door open as I tore off the wrapping on the poppers with my fingernails.  I could see halfway down the hall and I was still picking at the popper wrapping when this young black kid who was probably no more than 20 walked toward me and quickly grabbed his crotch.  I quickly grabbed my own to show I was interested.  He then came in, shut the door and locked it behind him.  With both of us in the room there was very little room.

May 28, 2012

Strange But Hot Encounter

This past Friday the 25th I was playing around on the computer, not really cruising, but actually catching up on the news, reading reviews of new movies that had just opened in theaters, watching some YouTube videos, etc.  It was after work and the beginning of the Holiday weekend so I was just chilling and glad that I had the next few days off.  I also pulled up the standard gay cruising sites but as it was 6:00 or so in the afternoon I didn’t expect there to be many guys online.  Also, I just wasn’t all that horny.  There could be someone online though who was looking for later that weekend and I knew that it never hurt to just open the sites and then periodically check for any incoming e-mails while I did other stuff on the computer.

I had been reviewing my financials and was quite bummed at how the stock market has been doing the past couple of weeks (the DOW down over 1000 points… Jesus Christ my 401K is getting killed), when I saw that I had a couple of new emails.  One from BBRT and the other from Manhunt.  I opened BBRT and it was from a guy in his mid-40s with a few naked pics, and an otherwise scarce profile.  I did notice that he indicated he had a big dick, and there were a few pics where he showed his cock but the photos were not very good, probably taken from a phone or cheap camera.  You could see his cock but they were body shots and all I could see was that he had something hanging between his legs.  His profile also indicated he played at his place, which caused me pause because I rarely go to other guys’ places, preferring to whore out my hole at home.

His message was the standard, “What’s up?” which is fairly common and usually just tossed out there to see if the other guy is interested.  I like guys who are more to the point and aggressive but I always reply back regardless and sent him a non-committal message telling him I was just chilling and ‘checking things out.’

I then opened up Manhunt and low and behold the same guy had sent me a message there as well.  The screen name was the same, as were the pics and the minimal profile.  He indicated he was vers/top, which for me is usually a good sign as I rarely top.  I’ve noticed that most guy don’t outright lie about as to whether they are top or bottom (although it does happen…) but a guy who at least advertises he’s vers but then tosses in Top as well usually is a better opportunity because my profile lists me as strictly Bottom.  I don’t even play around with the vers crap.  I’m a bottom… I get fucked up the ass.  I gave up on any ‘versatile’ descriptions of myself years ago when I hooked up and some of the guys wanted to get fucked even when we had arranged that I would be getting fucked.  Any versatile description left in my profile was enough for some guys to think I was going to pound their hole also, which I never did.  So no more vers for me.  Any guy who took the time to read my profile knew that I didn’t top and strictly wanted cock up my ass.

I noticed on his Manhunt profile that he was ‘negative’ and played ‘safe only.’  That, of course, was not what he has listed on his BBRT account.  I’ve found a lot of guys advertise differently depending on the site but I don’t get hung up on it.  I assume whatever the nastier description is usually what the guy is into.  If someone talks about kissing and cuddling on one site but then says they are into watersports and fisting on another… I have a good idea of what they really want to get into.

The message he sent me on Manhunt was the same from BBRT and I responded the same as well, and added that I was the other guy on BBRT and we had just chatted on that site.  I have pretty much the same pictures and he probably already knew that. I was curious though if he responded what site he would use as it would be a clear indication of what type of shit he wanted to get into, assuming it even got that far.   Would he be the bareback top or the safe only top?

Sure enough after a few minutes I got another message from him on… BBRT.  I thought to myself, “Cool, we got that cleared up.”  It was a short message and he indicated he had some time to hook up if I could play now. 

May 23, 2012

Mexican Buddy

I didn’t have any plans this past Sunday afternoon so I found myself cruising online.  Because of the nicer weather I didn’t expect to find many other guys looking to hook up, and sure enough there weren’t very many guys one the various sites that I logged into. 

I was online about 30 minutes and was about to call it a day when I received a message from someone who was using one of the mobile apps.  I could tell because it had a little phone icon next to the message.  From past experience I knew that guys who are checking from their mobile usually were more serious about hooking up.  I’ve even hooked up with guys who were literally driving around the city and hoping to connect with someone and head to their place.  A lot of these guys usually are in some type of relationship, or on the down low, and for whatever reason they usually can’t cruise online unless they are out and about.

The message was short, which is also a good sign.  It was simply, “You want fuck?”