January 23, 2012

The Cellar

I'm still playing around with this 'blog' and trying to figure out how it works.  It's not very fancy, but I don't think of writing about sex as porn where you need a lot of pictures of guys fucking.  There are thousands of websites like that which is great, and I certainly peruse them just like the next guy.  However it's been fun, and in a way theraputic,  to have a place where I can simply write down my experiences without a lot of annoying ads, or other distracting images flashing on and off the screen.  There's a reason I think Google became what it is today is they kept it simple.  I'm trying to do the same thing as in the end I have to admit selfishly that I'm doing this for myself.  Like I said I think this is somewhat theraputic because there have been times when I've asked myself, "Is there something wrong with me?"  And in trying to answer that question I have been all over the place in trying to find the answer.  So far all I know is I need to keep looking.

I enjoy thinking and remembering the sex I've had and then writing about it.  Gay guys are a complicated bunch and although I know that straight people are just as kinky, I do think that gay men are different in how they approach sex.  I kind of feel sorry for straight men who I believe want more sex than they are getting.  I'm sure there are exceptions where some straight men are lining up women left and right and having the wildest sex they can think of, but these guys most likely are in a very small minority.  But here in the wonderful universe of gay men ANY of us can, and many of us do, go out and really find it... and find a lot of it.  I'm not saying gay men are piggier than straight men, but I do believe than gay men just have more opportunities to act on those urges.

Speaking of acting out on my urges I definitely found the opportunity to have some fucking hot pig sex when I spent this past Christmas (2011) in Toronto.  I'll keep this one short and just set up the situation.  I did my pre-work a couple of weeks before I even left and found out that Toronto has several bathhouses.  Where I live there aren't any, so I knew I would have to take advantage of the opportunity to check a few of them out.  One in particular caught my attention.  It was called The Cellar.  The name pretty much describes how this place is set up.  As a first I'm going to try to put up a picture on here of what the entrance to The Cellar looks like.  I didn't take this picture, but the entrance is quasi hidden.  The only thing on the door is the street number address.  Once you open the door though  you have stairs that go down and it looks like this.  The blue door is at the bottom of the picture.  You can't see the stairs in this photo, but they are steep and this is all you see when you start to go down this somewhat dingy and a little spooky entrance.

The check in was fairly simply with the standard guy behind the cage collecting your money and then giving you a key and a towel.  I got a room and at the cellar the rooms aren't numbered but instead are designated by a letter.  I was given the key to room "E" and after getting buzzed in (which takes getting through two doors) I went out to find my room.  The set up this bathhouse is fairly simple.  There are three parellel hallways with rooms, and at the far end of these hallways is a another, much darker hallway that is perpendicular to the three hallways.  There's also a TV room that plays porn on a large projection screen, a dark glory hole area, and then a shower room.  That's it.  It's less of a bathhouse and more like a pure sex club. 

The room  'letters' are above the door and are lighted and room "E" is in the middle isle.  The room itself is fairly standard with a single small bed, a metal locker, and in my room a mirror across from the bed so you could see yourself while you were fucking around.

I locked up the few things I brought and hung up my clothes in the locker.  They give you a padlock to lock the locker door which I liked as you never know who might try to sneak in a room.  I didn't bring anything other than enough cash to get into the club and a few extra bucks for a soda or pop.  I never bring my wallet, credit cards, etc., unless you need some type of ID which I don't think the Cellar asked for, although I did bring my driver's license just in case.

As I looked in the mirror it was a reminder of what I was doing.  Here I was standing practically naked with only a towel around my waist and I was getting ready to walk around and hopefully find guys who wanted to fuck me.  There was a moment, very brief, where I questioned what in the fuck was I doing in a place like this.  There are millions of people who live in Toronto and here I was in this basement sex club and I was going to look for a complete stranger who wanted to fuck my ass, hopefully raw.  I shook off the feeling rather quickly though as my cock started to get hard.  The atmosphere of the place was already starting to get into my head and override the various 'norms' that I had been brought up to believe were normal.  Fuck the norm - I wanted to get fucked.

I went out and started to check the place out.  Exploring a sex club for the first time is exciting as you never know what you are going to find.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the set up the place was quite simple - dark hallways, open room to watch some porn when you wanted to chill, a bigger open shower area where you could either shower, get fucked, or get into water sports quite easily.  It had the basics, with horned up pigs being the only additional ingredient necessary.

I spent the next hour cruising the place and sadly it just wasn't that busy.  It was early in the evening and I had previously read on some of the review sites that indicated the place could be hit and miss and it was definitley being more of a 'miss' night.  I did have a little fun.  In the TV room they have some very comfortable padded black leather chairs.  I sat down in one to chill for a bit and a guy soon after sat in the connecting chair next to me.  I was already stroking my cock (I'm not shy) and the guy quickly pulled his cock out also.  We looked at each other a few times while we both stroked our cocks and soon enough he reached over and started playing with my cock.  I took this as permission to reach over and grab his cock also, which was average size if maybe a little thick.  The guy shifted a bit in  his seat, pushing his cock out a bit.  I took this as an opportunity to bend over and start to suck on his cock.  He didn't protest and actually started to pump his cock a little in my mouth.  The angle was tough though so I moved in my chair and got on my knees and continued to suck his cock.  My towel had slipped off so my ass was out in the open as I continued to suck this guy.

There were 5 or 6 other guys in the room and I was hoping that we would get a little group action as I have no inhibitions about having sex as guys watch.  The other guys though were older, and the place was slow to begin with, and even with my ass up there unfortunately would not be any group play in the TV room.  We continued to play a few minutes, but oral is fun at the beginning but I get bored rather quickly.  I soon sat back in my chair and pulled back on my towel.  Both of us then got up at about the same time and we headed off in different directions.  A quick little meeting, but nothing memorable.

I would have some other brief encounters in the back hallway which is almost completley dark, but again it was nothing special.  The place just didn't have that many guys and my guess is that there were probably only 15 guys at most in the entire place.  That's not good.

I headed back to my room to hang out a bit with the door open.  I've learned that some guys, even in a bathhouse oddly enough, were still somewhat shy and having sex in public just wasn't their thing.  When you hang out in your room with the door open you many times find guys who will check you out as they walk by and eventually come back and send the signals that they want to come in.  I wasn't laying on my stomach with my ass up.  I rarely do that unless a place is really busy, but with the few guys that were at this place I had doubts that even I laid there for a couple of hours I wouldn't get that much action.  Plus laying on your stomach turns some guys off as they can't really can't see what you look like, especially your face.  I usually just sit on the bed with the door open and hope for the best.

I was relaxed and still enjoying myself just hanging out, but I was starting to think that I would probably be better off cruising from my hotel which was only a few blocks away.  I had checked out The Cellar which was my goal so I could at least say I had checked out the place.   It had all the potential, but it just wasn't hopping at that time.  I didn't take it personally, bathhouses were just like that sometimes.

I was just about ready to leave and call it quits when a guy walked by, stopped looked in and we went through the standard 10 seconds of grabbing our dicks through our towels to show we were interested. He came in and shut the door.  "Finally!" I thought, and I as I looked at the guy I was glad I hadn't taken off a few minutes earlier.

He was a black guy, bigger, tall at about 6'2", not very toned. On this trip to Toronto I would eventually go to The Cellar twice and he was the only black guy I saw on both visits.  I also checked out Steamworks on my trip which was just a block away from The Cellar and Steamworks had many hot black guys, a few of which I played with and will hopefully write about on here.

This black stud talked a little when he first came in.  It was the normal and somewhat awkward conversation you have when someone comes in your room as you try to get a feel for what the other guy is looking to get into.  He had a thick accent, and I'm not sure what country he was originally from, but this being Canada they have a lot more diverse population of people and thankfully I was getting the opportunity to meet someone that was rather exotic.

I asked what he wanted to get into and he said he wanted his 'tits sucked.' Not really my thing to be honest, but I went ahead and started to work on them with my mouth once he laid down on the small bed.  He kept saying, "suck the milk out of my titties" which I have to tell you had me rather curious. However, at a bathhouse you never know who you are going to meet and some of them can be a little weird. If he wanted me to suck his 'titties' then I could do that.  There was a moment when I even pulled my head back a couple of times to see if there was in fact any milk coming out... there wasn't.

So I worked his 'tits' for about 5 minutes when he then said he was a top and asked me if I wanted to fuck. "Fuck yeah" I thought to myself. He had a big dick, a real 9" and it was rock solid. There is hard, and then there is 'rock hard' and guys with dicks his size I've found usually don't get that hard... but this sonofabitch could hammer nails with that thing. He got off the bed and stood up.  He then grabbed a condom and my mood dropped a little as I thought, 'God dammit'... but what the hell. Here was a big black guy who wants to fuck me and even though I prefer it raw I'm not going to turn down a big cock.  So I got down on the small bed with my ass facing the side with him standing behind me.  I don't remember if there were condoms on the little stand next to the bed, or if he brought his own, but wherever he found it he put it on.  I had put out my lube on the stand next to the bed and thankfully he did grab that and lubed up both his cock and my hole.  There was nothing left to do but get busy and so he started to fuck me.

There was no starting slow, working it in nicely... none of that shit. He slammed it in. It fucking hurt like hell. I can take a big dick, but his dick was so fucking hard and absolutely straight that it was pounding my insides big time. I was squirming like shit but I didn't pull back from it. When he went balls deep I would get an incredible jolt of pain as he hit something in my guts that hurt like hell.  Although I pride myself on being able to take a rough fuck there are some guys who have cocks that can really get you grinding your teeth and cause you to start squirming around.  Just like some of the guys I've seen get fucked in porn who were taking some big cocks I found myself pushing one leg out to try and change the angle a bit.  I wasn't pulling away per se but when he went deep he was hitting parts of my insides that were just screaming out in pain.  He could sense I was squirming too much and no doubt he didn't like it very much.  Sure enough I got a hard slap on my ass followed by the demand to, "Take it!"  He didn't say much after that but I definitely got the message he was sending which was, 'just stay the fuck down and take this dick.'  I got the distinct impression that this guy probably got what he wanted even if a guy didn't want to give it up.  That brief thought alone turned up my sexual desire a notch or two.  I'm not an advocate of a guy forcing himself on a guy, but I do like it when a guy makes it clear that if I want to continue to get fucked I needed to just take it even if it fucking hurt like hell.

So as he's fucking me I had to try my best to override my physical instincts to pull away, or change position, or anything else like that.  What that meant was that every few thrusts I would need to hold myself in place.  That didn't stop me from getting louder and louder though as he continued fucking me.  I was yelling quite a bit, but I wasn't telling him to stop.  No doubt anyone near the room could hear that someone was getting a very rough and aggressive fuck behind my closed door.  That thought alone just got me even more sexually crazed.  This guy was turning out to be the best surprise fuck I had in a long time.

When we first started playing I indicated that he wanted me to suck the milk out of his 'titties.' It was an odd request, but to each their own.  Once again though this guy would turn out to be a little different than most guys.  After pounding me senseless for about 10 minutes he said, "I need to cum now" and then he proceeded to TAKE OFF the condom and start fucking me again, this time raw. Oddly this is not the first foreign black guy that has done this with me. I had a guy in another city do the exact same thing a couple of years ago. I can't say I understand this. They fuck with a condom and then get close and take it off and shove it in for the last minute or so as they build up to cumming. If it happens again I'm going to ask why in the heck they do that.

Anyway, he grunts and groans at a more feverish pace for 30-45 seconds but I'm not quite sure if he's cumming or not because I'm too preoccupied with his cock as it is practically killing me.  The next thing I know he suddenly he yanks out and I felt a splash on one of my ass cheeks and I clearly knew he had cum. As soon as he pulled out I collapsed on the bed exhausted.  I had hung in there and I must admit I was rather proud of myself.  I was completly spent as it took almost everything I had to stop from just pushing the guy off me for almost the entire time he had been fucking me.

He meanwhile quickly got back to business by putting his towel back on and quickly walked out. No odd chit chat after getting fucked.  I sensed that after cumming he was one of those guys who snap back to reality very quickly and realize what they have just done.  Maybe they feel a little guilty, a little sleazy, whatever and they just like to head out quick.  I don't mind that at all as I'm not very good at those awkward mini conversations once a guy has unloaded in my hole.  I like to just be myself and relish the feeling of just being fucked silly instead of having a silly conversation.

I was still on my stomach trying to get my senses back and I reached back and felt my ass cheek and sure enough there were a few globs of cum.  I had been taking hits of poppers through out the fuck and I was poppered up to high heaven. I was still feeling very horned up and sleazy so I scooped the cum up with my fingers and put them in my mouth and swallowed it. It was good tasting cum, not bitter like some guys.

As I laid there for about 30 seconds I felt that sensation that there was definitely more cum in my ass. Those of you who have had guys shoot big loads up your hole know what I'm talking about. You may not feel the cum when they are actually shooting it up your hole, but after a few minutes you can definitely feel it if the guy has shot a big enough load.

Sure enough I stand up, bend over, reach back underneath and between my legs with one hand, palm upwards, and push out with my hole. There was no need to push two or three times to get the cum to come out.  On the first push I filled my whole fucking palm up with cum. That black fucker sure enough was shooting up my ass when he was grunting and groaning toward the end and the cum on my ass cheek was just the last squirt when he pulled out. And here I was with literally a scoop of cum in the palm of my hand that proved it.

Still dizzy and poppered up I couldn't help myself.  I just raised my upturned palm to my mouth and sucked it up. It was so fucking nasty and hot. I was licking my fingers, moaning to myself, and getting every drop that I could. On a whim I put my hand underneath my ass again and sure enough I pushed and that dude's load was still squirting out of my hole. So once again I had a palm full of cum which I just sucked down, licked up, loving it.  I was licking my fingers, lips, everything and the taste of cum was fucking everywhere in my mouth. And the smell... oh my god the smell of cum was fucking everywhere and I was sniffing my fingers as I was licking them.

I was able to squirt out one more load into my hand and drank it up also. About this time the poppers were starting to wear off.  I sat back down on the bed and thought about what I was doing.  I was looking at my fingers, still shiny with cum and spit, and just thought to myself, "Damn, I am a fucking pig."

Did anyone else felch and eat the cum out of their own hole?  I have rarely done this, but here I was in a sleazy basement sex club squirting and then eating a black dude's cum out of my own hole.  That's fucking nasty, but even now as I write this I look back on the experience with no regrets and think, "Yeah it was nasty, but I fucking loved it."